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How to use “i don’t mind” in a sentence

How to use i don’t mind in a sentence

Looking for sentences with “i don’t mind“? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples

I can see why it’s been called wordy, but I don’t mind a bit of repetition as long as they say it funny, and they did.

I don’t mind donning my sou’westers for my daily medicine walk but cycling in the rain doesn’t appeal at all.

To clarify, I don’t mind waiting until all the puppies are sold to collect money.

I don’t mind what religion people are, I think anyone can meditate but I think as a form of prayer it really has that special depth.

I don’t mind there being some medievalists around for ornamental purposes, but there is no reason for the state to pay for them.

I just proctor my own exams because I don’t mind it and in case anything comes up.

I don’t mind being seen on the bike with lycra, but if I pop into the shop or a pub I prefer to be wearing baggies!

Plans are all very loose at the moment and I think my co-organisers might be backing out, but I don’t mind.

I do sometimes purposely write about things that I know will be considered provocative, and I don’t mind taking the heat for my words.

I keep you dangling between belief and disbelief by turns, and I don’t mind admitting that I have a reason for it.

I don’t mind if my OH plays sport, watches it on telly, or if he goes off with his pals on sporting holidays.

Now if France wants to take a different position on certain issues, fine, I don’t mind, why should that make me worry?

No, I don’t mind people buying proof copies, but I’d advise against buying them to collect.

I’m hardly ever sick, I get along with pretty much everyone who isn’t a total jagoff, I don’t mind working late, and I’m ridiculously loyal.

I wonder why people are so shocked, and sometimes scared when I don’t mind giving them the time of day.

I don’t mind playing as a fielder though, you get to cotch for the whole inning.

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It was tremendous and I don’t mind saying my expectations had been confounded.

Of course, I don’t mind because this was the surest way of curing me of any religious piety.

If it’s too vulgar for a family newspaper, I don’t mind it being posted to me.

I don’t mind the fact that they never show any home news any more, because there isn’t any.

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I don’t mind that the movies I’ve been doing have been small roles, because I’m interested in a career as a character actor.

I don’t mind you talking about me to your friends, but it doesn’t seem any of them have a very high opinion of me. maybe rightly.

I don’t mind that it’s traded some gutsiness for a bit of sterility and a more intellectually satisfying approach.

Now I don’t mind anyone leaving a comment, after all people have differing opinions on any subject.

And I don’t mind paying them their vig, maybe 10, even 20 percent if they have a case.

I don’t mind donning my sou’wester for my daily medicine walk but cycling in the rain doesn’t appeal at all.

I don’t mind Freda because she is good influence on David, and she is not a Bloomsbury writer.

I don’t mind pitching in a situation where staffing is short, supplies are scarce, morale is low.

I don’t mind when it rains but I hate that thin film drizzle that seems only to be in the air but manages to soak you in next to no time.

Though Wicca isn’t my thing I don’t mind reading a bit about it.

Now, I don’t mind a chunky woman, but it’s an issue of proportion.

I don’t mind that she insists on cleaning the house, putting up a tree, or hanging paper chains around the walls, because that’s in the spirit of things.

If you don’t want it to work, that’s ok, I’m easy, I don’t mind.

Sometimes I get cabin fever, but generally I don’t mind being on my own.

Somehow I don’t mind mindless repetitive tasks when the sumo is on.

I don’t mind if the archives are googleable to the outside world.

I don’t mind being pigeonholed as long as people buy it and enjoy it.

And I don’t mind speaking my mind because I’m in a position to.

I don’t mind it when people’s heads roll off their shoulder and land against mine, because the way they snort awake suddenly and realise what position they’re in amuses me.

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I don’t mind peaceniks as long as they are consistent peaceniks.

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I don’t mind driving if you’re willing to do the navigation.

I don’t mind the Pakistanis or the Eyeties, but I wish them ruddy Welsh would stay away.

Um, I don’t mind gay, gay ladies but I hate gay poofters, ’cause, they spread the AIDS virus, about, and they deserve to get bashed.

I don’t mind eating them because I don’t have a Disneyesque view of chooks as being feathered people with human feelings.

I have got three children and I don’t mind them playing outside during the week, but it is popular with boy racers at the weekend.

But when Fallon caned the 40-1 shot home in the last stride it was a sair fecht and I don’t mind admitting I was a TKO after that low blow.

But if one day, they want me, I have joked if I go back to be the kit man or the water boy, I don’t mind, I just want to be back one day.

I don’t mind if he stays there, so long as he cleans up after himself when he’s done.

I don’t mind munching on her hair pie except when I have to stop to pull her hairs off my tongue.

I don’t mind if they have some fun, but I draw the line at anything that might harm others.

I don’t mind double-dipping when eating with my family, but I’d be embarrassed to do it when out with friends.

I don’t mind if he stays there, as long as he cleans up after himself when he’s done.

I don’t mind shoveling, but using a pickaxe hurts my back terribly.

I don’t mind it for myself, but I don’t want any other Foreign Secretary of this country to be talked at or to by the Secretary of State of the US as I have just been.

I have a feeling Julia would clobber me at Scrabble, but I don’t mind.

I don’t mind saying ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ so much, mostly because I’ve become numb to it, and some people do it because it’s ‘cool’ to speak chatspeak.

Examples from Classical Literature

I don’t mind Slith so much, he’s only a little anachronistic reptile, a descendent of happier days in dinosaurial dawndom.

I don’t mind smoke,’ she said mendaciously, trying to appease the defiler of the air with a little smile.

I don’t mind having the house full, either, only I want you to get decenter people in it.

As long as you excuse me for not having on my Sunday-go-to-meeting rags to dine with you, I don’t mind the rest.

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I don’t mind the bonds, and that sort of thing, but there’s this nightingale Cottage.

In point of fact, I don’t mind telling yah, I back myself still for a couple of thou’ soonah or latah to marry yah.

I don’t mind forcing myself on a servant, but I do object to inconveniencing the master of the house.

I don’t mind it much, because it keeps that glue smell off me, but it’s fairly strong.

I don’t mind doin’ errands, only I like to have ’em appreciated.

And I don’t mind your drowning sorrow in the flowing bowl, either.

So I felt like a cucumber pickle but now I don’t mind it at all.

I don’t mind the cowman, but the maiden lady is a large order.

And now, I don’t mind your confiding in your friend Captain Fenton.

I told them that I don’t mind the air balls or drop-kicking the ball into the fifth row, seat six, as long as they play with fight,” Lavin said.

I don’t mind acknowledging to you that I’ve got rather a grudging disposition, and want to keep off all intruders.

I al’ays did have a hankerin’ that way, an’ I don’t mind tellin’ ye.

You’ve got cans of telefilm in the cellar, but them I don’t mind.

If anything worth having comes along in the way of a living I don’t mind when I retire.

I don’t mind my neighbour being preferred before me, but I do object to his being served before me!

Still, I don’t mind that, only as an indication of his meanness.

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First off, I thought it would certainly give me the botts, but I don’t mind now.

Why, you know I don’t mind hard jobs much, and there must always be one scrub in a family.

I don’t mind telling you privately, Mr. farnham, that I mean to push him.

I don’t mind being a goose so much if somebody else is goosey, too.

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