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Magisk v24.1 apk (magisk manager) for android

If we were to tell you that you can upgrade your performance of the smartphone without spending thousands of rupees on buying a new smartphone, would you believe that? There’s a hack for you if you are interested in upgrading your smartphone performance, so stay with us on this, but let us start from scratch!

The answer to your problem is ‘Rooting’ your smartphones. To put it in simple words, rooting is a process where you try to direct the hardware components of your smartphone to use admin privileges and drastically mold the system configuration to match your needs. The admin customizations are generally blocked by the carrier providers so that they can offer you a balanced and stable performance all over. But in case you want to customize your smartphone to serve the purpose, Rooting your smartphone is the way. You can choose several customizations, for example,easy-to-use, overclocking your CPU to offer enhanced performance, and rooting different apps to save and extend your battery life.

Magisk Manager

Rooting used to be one of those things only techno-savvy people could think of doing. But with the introduction of Magisk Manager in the market, the process has been simplified a lot. In this article, we are going to deal with all kinds of queries you can have about this topic. We will also deal with the steps required to Download the Magisk Manager. But first let us begin with discussing, What is the Magisk Manager?

What is the Magisk Manager?

There were some serious problems associated with the rooting process of smartphones. Especially the need of modifying the system folders. Also, the inability to use the banking applications on a rooted smartphone, and rooting and unrooting the smartphone to get the OTA updates.

Magisk Manager

But things have changed since the arrival of Android v.6.0 i.e. Android Marshmallow. Since then, there is some really good improvisation in the alternative methods to avoid this. Now a user can install mods that can automate this process of modifying system folders.

The Magisk is a ‘Systemless Rooting System’, which essentially means you can customize your smartphone’s system without changing the embedded core code. The main advantage of using Magisk is that it lets you use the financial and other high data security-demanding apps to run on your rooted smartphone devices.

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Magisk Manager is essentially a mods manager which lets the user install the mods from a unified interface. Having such a systemless rooting system can let you unroot the smartphone at any point of time you want to and do that automatically. This helps the user to use certain apps that otherwise would not work on a rooted device. The mods (or modules), installed using Magisk Manager can help in increasing battery life, reduce the system lag on the smartphone, enhance the UI, upgrade or downgrade the Android version (even when the Android version update has not been rolled out for your device) or boost the smartphone’s performance.

What is the Magisk App?

Another commonly used term you may come across during the installation process of Magisk is the ‘Magisk App’ (or the Magisk.apk). Earlier, Magisk files had to be downloaded separately, first the .zip file and then the .apk file. This was not difficult but a time-consuming task. So to simplify this process, developers developed the Magisk App. 

Now, all you have to do for installing Magisk is, renaming the file from .apk to a .zip file. Also, you can manage all grant and deny permissions for different apps on your smartphone, using the Magisk App. 

The Magisk App comes with several kinds of mods that can be installed for free, to customize the performance factors of a smartphone. And if you are a coder, you can also add your repositories and mods on the app to use on your smartphone. 

App NameMagiskSize17MBCategoryToolDeveloperJohn WuRequired Android5.0+

What is the Magisk Zip?

‘Magisk Zip’ is a flagship software you will need to install the Magisk Root mods on your Android smartphones. To install or flash the Magisk Zip, the users have to use custom recovery software. There are many custom recovery tools available in the marketplace, out of which some of the popularly known ones are: TWRP Custom Recovery, Orange Fox Recovery, and Sky Hawk Recovery. You can choose any of them, but the most suitable and easy to use ones will be Orange Fox Recovery and TWRP Custom Recovery tools. These recovery tools would help you to take easy android backups, flash different mods and files, wipe data and much more.

How to Download and Install the Magisk App?

In this section of the article, we would walk you through the stepwise procedure of downloading and installing the Magisk App, which you would require to flash your android smartphone using a Systemless Rooting method. We have already discussed the major advantages of opting for this method in the earlier sections of this article so, without wasting any further time let’s get started with the stepwise procedure of downloading and installing the Magisk Manager. 

Before getting started with the installation process, ensure the following: 

Basic commands of fast boot and ADB

You should know the basic commands of fast boot and Android Development Bridge (ADB) before proceeding further with the rooting process through Magisk Manager.

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Backup everything

It is very essential to backup all your important files from your android smartphone on which you are going to perform the rooting process, to ensure that you don’t lose any of your important files during the rooting process if anything goes wrong. So, it is highly recommended to create a backup of all your data on the cloud or any hardware storage device (pen drives, flash drives, DVDs, Hard Disks, etc.) before moving any forward. 

Device Bootloader

Ensure that you have unlocked your device bootloader. You can learn how to do it from some Youtube Tutorials. It asks you to run a fast boot OEM command on the command-line followed by pressing and holding the ‘Power’ button and the ‘Volume-Up’ rocker button simultaneously for some time.

Custom Kernel

After installing the Magisk Manager on your android smartphone, you will need to install a custom kernel on your smartphone.

After verifying all of the above checkpoints, you can proceed with the installation procedure as described in the following points:

Install the Magisk Manager

Install the Magisk Manager Application from the above-downloaded file. But to install this you will have to enable settings to install apps from ‘unknown sources. To do this go to Settings > App permissions > Install Apps from Unknown Sources > Enable. Now install the Magisk Manager application on your android smartphone

Installing Magisk Manager Custom Recovery (for TWRP Recovery)

Follow the following steps to install the Magisk Manager Custom Recovery using TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) custom recovery tool: 

  • Download the TWRP Custom Recovery 
  • Download the Magisk apk
  • Rename the ‘.apk’ file extension to the ‘.zip’ file extension 
  • Recheck if you have downloaded the TWRP Custom Recovery on your android smartphone. 
  • Reboot your android smartphone into recovery. 
  • Inside TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project) Custom Recovery tool, click on the ‘Install’ tab. 
  • Go to ‘’ on the internal file location. 
  • Click on the ‘Select Storage’ option 
  • Install the file on your android smartphone. 
  • Wait till it gets installed. 
  • Once the smartphone displays a message indicating that the file has been successfully installed on the android smartphone, open the file. 
  • Now Click on ‘Reboot System’ 
  • That’s it! You have successfully installed the Magisk Manager application on your smartphone.

Now you can do all the kinds of customization related to rooting on your android smartphone that we talked about earlier in this article. You can install different mods to use different customization options directly from the Magisk Manager Application. And finally, you can proceed further with your rooting process of android smartphones.

What are some commonly faced issues while installing and using the Magisk Manager application?

We can say that the Magisk Manager application is a one-stop solution for most of the problems you might face while rooting your smartphone, but still, there are certain issues you can face while trying to use or install the Magisk Manager application. In this section, we are going to address some of those issues so that we can make you aware of the potential risks and issues that you might face ahead. So let’s get started with a few of them:

  • If at any point the Magisk Manager Application crashes/freezes or you face any problem while trying to close it, clear the app data or completely re-install it after uninstalling it from the android smartphone.
  • Some of the high-end devices, Google Pixel, have reported some issues so kindly learn more about them before proceeding any further.
  • The Magisk Manager application needs to be installed only on the device’s internal storage and not on the Memory Cards or any other storage space.
  • Magisk Manager only supports single-user channels as of now.
  • If you get some message saying ‘There was some problem while parsing the package’, simply open the Magisk Manager application, go to the Settings and choose the option ‘Restore Magisk Manager’. This step updates and installs the latest Version
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The Magisk Manager is a one-stop solution for most tedious tasks and issues you might run into while trying to root your Android smartphone. Also, it helps in solving most of the issues that you face post-rooting your device, such as the inability to use Data Security demanding apps, such as financial apps, banking apps, etc. We have tried to address all kinds of query regarding the Download and Installation of Magisk Manager APK and ZIP in this article, hope you liked it.

ROOT Android – Xem MỘT LẦN ai cũng làm được

File Magisk v20.1:
File Uninstall Magisk:

Root là giành quyền kiểm soát hệ thống của thiết bị, giúp bạn tùy chỉnh cài đặt vượt qua rào cản bảo mật cao của nhà sản xuất.
Root máy có thể giúp điều chỉnh xung nhịp và điện thế cho CPU nhằm tăng tốc độ xử lý hoặc tiết kiệm pin, bổ sung các tính năng mà mặc định trong máy không hỗ trợ (ví dụ cài thêm Beats Audio, xLoud…).
Sau khi root máy thì người dùng cũng có thể gỡ bỏ hoàn toàn những ứng dụng được nhà sản xuất cài đặt sẵn trên smartphone mà bạn chẳng bao giờ dùng tới để tiết kiệm bộ nhớ và cải thiện tốc độ.
Và đặc biệt sau khi root bạn có thể cài một bản Rom khác lên máy thay thế cho bản Rom được cài sẵn từ nhà sản xuất khi mua máy. Các bản rom này bạn có thể tìm kiếm trên các diễn đàn như XDA hay AndroidSpin và nhiều diễn đàn khác.

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