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Download java runtime environment 64-bit 8.0.3010.9 for windows

Free software to run code

Java Runtime Environment is a free program that lets people run Java computer software on their devices. It is compatible with Apple Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows electronics on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Layered on top of operating systems, the JRE runs Java applications by supplying the class libraries and environment.

What does Java Runtime Environment do?

To run apps written in the Java programming language, people need to have the app version installed on their computer. Developed and released by Oracle, the freeware has been specifically created for Java content. Two additional platforms that were created by Oracle are the Java Development Kit and the Java Virtual Machine: the JDK and JVM.

The Java Runtime Environment edition does not include the development tools that are needed to create Java programs. The Java Development Kit is equipped with the mechanisms necessary to convert the Java source code into formats that the JRE and JVM can implement. Both the JRE and JVM are located within the JDK along with development tools. The JVM is set within the JRE software.


To allow the Java Runtime Environment to run codes, the Java Development Kit includes debuggers that test and find errors in the written language as well as the Java Compiler to compile the codes. The Java Virtual Machine is included in the Java Runtime Environment package because the JRE software uses the JVM to run compiled codes. The JVM provides the environment necessary for code executions.

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The Java Runtime Environment is comprised of the Java Virtual Machine and class libraries. The class libraries are present within the JRE to assist the JVM in loading, verifying, and executing the codes. The JRE is a consolidated tool that is made of two distinct aspects that are used together to run encrypted Java programs. The JRE needs the JVM to provide the environment so that codes can be processed.

How do I install the Java Runtime Environment?

To install JRE onto your PC, you need to know the system type of your device: either 32-bit or 64-bit. To locate the information, right-click on the ‘Start Menu’ in the lower-left corner of the desktop screen and click on ‘System’ in the context menu that arises. Below ‘Device specifications’ within the window that appears, people can find their ‘System type’.

Choose the download option that correlates with your PC’s operating system. Before being able to begin the download process, you will have to mark that the network license agreement has been reviewed and accepted. The license agreement will be linked in that window to read. Once you agree to the terms, press ‘Download’.

An Oracle sign-in page will appear during the download process. Once you have signed in or created an account, you can close the web browser and click on ‘Install’ in the pop-up window to continue the installation process. A loading bar will arise to display the progress. Oracle informs people that they will be prompted to install new updates when they become available.

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To ensure the best user experience on Java Runtime Environment, Oracle recommends always installing the most recent software updates to receive performance and security improvements. You can read more about the update settings by clicking on the link in the window or complete the setup by pressing ‘Close’.

Additional application

The Java Development Kit, Java Runtime Environment, and Java Virtual Machine are components of the Java Standard Edition bundle that can be downloaded for free or purchased. Another software that is comparable to the Java SE package is the OpenJDK. Released in 2007 by Sun Microsystems, OpenJDK is an open-source freeware that implements the Java SE software.

To use Java SE for business, commercial, and production use, users will need to buy Oracle’s commercial license whereas people can use OpenJDK completely for free. While OpenJDK has a Font Renderer feature, the Java SE has better renderers and more garbage collection options. Additionally, Oracle provides the Application Class-Data Sharing, Flight Recorder, and Java Mission Control software components.

Professional and safe Java application

For both personal and commercial use, Java Runtime Environment is an excellent program choice. While people have to pay for the business version, the price is worth the value because the software is created by Oracle and guaranteed to properly function with Java written applications.

Oracle consistently updates their software and offers new releases. During the installation process, the Oracle developers remind people to keep their app up to date by installing new software updates when they become available.

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