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Ielts speaking test part 2: describe your hometown



My hometown is London, the capital city of the UK. It is located in South East England, on the River Thames. It is well known around the world for its amazing history, architecture, music and fashion.

I think what makes my hometown special is the fact that you can meet all kinds of people there as it is a melting pot of hundreds of different communities, cultures and languages. The main language is English, but this is spoken with a wide variety of accents and dialects. 

The advantages of living in London are the high employment prospects, the range of things to do, such as cultural and social activities, and the beautiful parks and river.

Some of the main industries in London are tourism, retail, finance, creative industries, education, banking and so on. So the job opportunities are good, and it’s quite easy to travel around London on the Tubes, buses and overground trains.

However, one of the main downsides of London is the cost of living. Rent and travel costs are some of the highest in the world, so any advantage of higher wages is usually cancelled out by higher living costs. If you don’t like crowds, you’d better stay away from the city centre – but I guess that is true of any city. 

London also faces environmental problems such as air pollution, caused by heavy traffic, and also flooding, as it is in a river valley and some areas of London are lower than the level of the river. It also faces social problems such as overcrowding and homelessness, and in some areas, social tensions.

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London is more cosmopolitan and much larger than any other city in the UK, and compared with Paris, the capital of France, London has a higher population and is also greener in terms of the number of parks and open spaces.

This sample answer took around 2 minutes, which is the maximum time you need to speak without stopping in Part 2 of the IELTS speaking exam.   Now, try it yourself!

Talking About Your Hometown – Spoken English Lesson

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5. Describing How Your Hometown Has Changed Over Time 11:53
6. Review 14:55
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How to introduce where you live.
How to describe your hometown in detail.
How to say what you like or dislike about your hometown.
How to talk about the ways your hometown has changed.
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