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Giỏi ngay cấu trúc make trong 5 phút. cách phân biệt make và do chính xác nhất!

Cấu trúc
Ngữ nghĩa
Ví dụ

sửa đổi
I’m so sorry that I upset you. How can I make amends?

an appointment
tạo một cuộc hẹn
She had toothache, so she made an appointment with the dentist for the following day.

sắp xếp
Okay, so we’re going to go on holiday in September. Let’s make some arrangements. I’ll find a hotel, and you can look at flights.

an attempt
nỗ lực
I know we might not catch the plane, but let’s at least make an attempt to be on time.

tạo niềm tin
The children’s favourite game is to make believe that they are kings and queens from long ago.

tạo sự chắc chắn
I think the café opens at six, but let’s make certain. I don’t want to be standing in the street waiting!

a change
tạo một sự thay đổi
I’ve made some changes to the document.

a choice
tạo một sự lựa chọn
Which job are you going to take? You need to make a choice.

a comment
tạo một lời bình luận
My mother made a comment about my shoes.

a complaint
tạo một lời phàn nàn
The food took so long to arrive that Julie made a complaint to the manager.

a confession
tạo một lời thú nhận
I’d like to make a confession. I was the one who ate the last of the chocolate.

a date
tạo một buổi hẹn hò
I’d love to see you soon. How about if we make a date for next week?

a decision
tạo một quyết định
I’ve made my decision. I’m going to go back to university.

a difference
tạo một sự khác biệt
Going to the gym has really made a difference to how I feel.

a discovery
tạo một sự khám phá
When John was last in London he made a discovery – a beautiful little café in a quiet street.

an effort
tạo một nỗ lực
You’re not trying hard enough! Make an effort!

an error
tạo một lỗi
He made several errors on the report, and the boss told him to rewrite it.

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your escape
tạo ra lối thoát của bạn
The bank robbers took £10,000 from the safe and then made their escape.

an exception
tạo ra một ngoại lệ
Usually the children aren’t allowed to watch TV but I made an exception today since the weather was so horrible.

an excuse
tạo ra một cái cớ
Why was Lisa late? Did she make an excuse?

a face
phản ứng bằng khuôn mặt
The child took a bite of the broccoli and made a face.

a fire
tạo lửa
We put up our tent, made a fire, and had a hot drink.

a fool of yourself
làm điều ngu ngốc
You shouldn’t sing in front of everyone! You’ll make a fool of yourself.

a fortune
tạo một gia tài
Lucy made a fortune when she sold her company. Now she doesn’t have to work.

kết bạn
She loved university and made lots of friends.

fun of
tạo niềm vui về
The children love to make fun of the teacher,– but only when she’s not looking.

a fuss
làm om sòm, ồn ào
It’s okay! I’m fine, it’s just a cough. Don’t make a fuss!

an impression
tạo sự ấn tượng
Jenny certainly made an impression last night! All my friends are asking about her.

a joke
tạo một trò đùa
The interview was very tense at the beginning, but then John made a joke, and after that it was much more relaxed.

a journey
tạo một cuộc hành trình
Because of the snow, try not to make any journeys which are not absolutely essential.

a list
tạo một danh sách
First, I must make a list of all the things I need to do.

a loss
mất mát
Their business made a loss the first year, but did much better after that.

tạo tình yêu
The hero and the heroine made love in the film.

a mess
tạo một mớ hỗn độn
What a mess you’ve made! Can’t you tidy up a bit?

a mistake
tạo một sai lầm
She made so many mistakes in her essay that the teacher couldn’t understand it.

kiếm tiền
John made a lot of money in his twenties and was able to retire at the age of 35.

a move
vận động
Look how late it is! Let’s make a move.

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a noise
tạo tiếng ồn
Please try not to make a noise when you come home, because I’ll be asleep.

an observation
quan sát
Could I make an observation? I don’t think some of our customers like the new adverts.

an offer
tạo một lời đề nghị
She made an offer on a house. She’s nervous because she’ll find out today if it has been accepted, and she really wants to buy that house.

a payment
chi trả
Hello? I’d like to make a credit card payment, please.

a phone call
tạo một cuộc điện thoại
I’m going to go outside and make a phone call. It’s too noisy in here.

tạo kế hoạch
David is making plans to move to Paris.

a point
làm cho quan trọng
The professor used lots of examples to make his point.

a prediction
dự đoán
The journalist made a prediction about the economy, but in the end it wasn’t correct.

a profit
tạo lợi nhuận
His business made a profit from the beginning.

phát triển
Finally, after being stuck in a traffic jam for an hour, we’re making some progress! We’ll arrive by 8pm.

a promise
tạo một lời hứa
I must study hard today. I made a promise to my mum that I wouldn’t fail any more exams.

a remark
tạo một nhận xét
John was upset because the boss made a negative remark about his work.

a reservation
đặt trước
Could you call the restaurant and make a reservation for tonight?

a scene
ngắm cảnh
Susie made a scene in the café when her order was wrong. She shouted at all the staff and demanded to speak to the manager.

a sound
tạo âm thanh
Don’t make a sound! We need to be completely quiet.

a speech
làm một bài phát biểu
The bride’s father often makes a speech at her wedding.

a suggestion
tạo lời đề nghị
Could I make a suggestion? How about going out for dinner?

tạo sự chắc chắn
I don’t think I left the gate open, but I’m just going to go and make sure.

the bed
Could you please make the bed before you leave the house? Otherwise it looks so messy with the duvet and the pillows everywhere.

time (=find time to do something)
tìm thời gian để làm việc gì đó
Everybody’s busy, but you need to make time to study. Otherwise you won’t be able to get a better job.

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tạo rắc rối
That employee is trying to make trouble. He is always telling the boss bad things about his colleagues.

a visit
I’ll call you this afternoon.– I need to make a visit to my granny this morning.

your mind up
tạo tinh thần
Do you want chocolate or strawberry ice cream? Make your mind up quickly!

your way
làm theo cách của bạn
After the film, John made his way to a café, where he had two cups of coffee and some cake.

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