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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (character)

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (ボボボーボ・ボーボボ) is the main character of a fictional manga and anime series byof the same name. In the final popularity poll of the series, Bo-bobo came in third overall, beneath Don Patch and Heppokomaru. He is the former Pokemon Ranger of Water.


Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is the cool and incomprehensible hero, swarthy and musclebound, sporting sunglasses and a large golden afro. His hair is 24-karat gold but is usually said to be yellow or blonde; some viewers even argue about its true color. He is called “Bo-bobo” for short, as he refuses to let people call him “Bo”. He apparently has some control over an army of stuffed teddy bears which are seen in many of the earlier episodes. There is a large colony of tiny humans and humanoid boogers living in his nose, who sometimes aid him in battle. He also has two squirrels living in his afro.


Defining Bo-bobo’s personality can be difficult. He is an unpredictable person, not even his allies are aware of what he will do next. However, when he is not involved with one of his antics, he manages to retain a semi-serious composure, though he is very sensitive; even the slightest put-down can make him depressive. Bo-bobo’s personality becomes increasingly more serious when he is faced with strong opponents. Despite being the good guy of the series, he often beats up or tortures some of his allies (namely Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke, and Dengakuman) for being stupid or annoying. He is also a very powerful Haijekelist and makes a powerful team alongside Don patch and Tokoro Tennosuke. Because of this, he can act very goofy and unpredictable.

His personality shows different aspects depending on who he is talking with. His interactions with Don Patchm Tokoro and Dengakuman are usually goofy with him often using them as shields or weapons. He usually shows his serious nature with Softon and Hatenko. He cares very deeply for his friends despite his violent tendecies toward some of them for acting stupid.


Totodile resembles a bipedal, blue crocodile with red spines on its back and tail. The spine on its back is larger with additional ridges. Totodile’s head is large, with ridges above its eyes. Much of the head’s size is composed of Totodile’s snout and strong jaws. There are two visible teeth on the tip of its upper jaw, and two rows of three teeth on each side of its lower jaw. On its chest is a yellow, somewhat V-shaped pattern that extends to its arms with a line bisecting the pattern. Totodile has five sharp claws and three toes. Its eyes are red and surrounded by a dark blue or black pattern. Totodile tends to be playful by nature, and has a habit of biting anything it sees, including its Trainer. In the wild, Totodile prefers to live along the edges of bodies of water.


Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokémon. Its highly developed jaw is so powerful, it can crushpractically anything. Trainers beware: this Pokémon loves to use its teeth.


  • Totodile is the tallest and heaviest unevolved Water-type starter Pokémon.


Totodile is based on a baby crocodilian.

Name origin

Totodile is a combination of  and .

Waninoko can be taken to mean 鰐の子 (child of a crocodile/alligator).

Role of the Series

Bo-bobo is captured by Dr. Eggman Robotik from the Sonic the Hedgehog Series. He can use his fist style to attack opponents.


Main Abilities 

Bo-bobo fights with his nose hair using the “Hanage Shinken” (鼻毛真拳; “Fist of the Nose Hair”, sometimes called “Super Fist of the Nose Hair”, other times “Snot Fo-You”). This technique involves stretching out his nose hairs in order to whip or constrict his enemies. He is one of the few people who knows this technique, so he believes that it is sacred and that he shouldn’t overuse it. Bo-bobo’s odd personality comes from the fact that he is also a hajikelist. As such he is very random, making obscene, unpredictable actions used to confuse his enemies into submission. He is also known to have more techniques than any other character in the series.

Bo-bobo World

Bo-bobo has a dimension called Bo-bobo World (聖鼻毛領域; ). Upon first glance, Bo-bobo World appears to be just a small clearing in the center of a forest, but it is here that Bo-bobo is completely in control of almost everything around him. This technique is used to baffle his opponents into submission to leave them open for attacks! A few of Bo-bobo’s allies, such as Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke, King Nosehair, Dengakuman and Hanpen, can also participate in the nonsense that goes on in Bo-bobo World. The dimension will fade away when Bo-bobo believes that his opponent has had enough. Only Torpedo Girl and Bo-bobo’s older brother Be-bebe has been able to resist the dimension. 


Attacks that involve Bo-bobo’s nasal hair:

  • Nosehair Barrier (鼻毛バリア): A move that is meant to protect Bo-bobo, by covering his entire head with nosehairs… but does nothing. Used against Hagen.
  • Nosehair Snake Fist (鼻毛蛇拳) /Nosehair Cobra Pit: Bo-bobo sends a straight nosehair into the opponent’s nostril, paralyzing him/her. Also used for Booger Brigade Battalion. Used against Hagen.
  • Nosehair Festival (鼻毛祭り)/Booger Brigade: A battalion of boogers storms out of Bo-bobo’s nose and attacks the opponent. Used against Hagen, Rice, and Halekulani.
  • Squeezing Nose Hair (搾り鼻毛)/Squeezing Nasal Hair: It is unknown what this attack does since the old man closed up his nostrils at the time.
  • Burning (毛魂) / Fistful Armpit Hair: When unable to use his nose hair, Bo-bobo slams the enemy with his armpit hair. Used against Hagen. It is named Sparkling in the anime.
  • Fdofjo and Gojaojg (イバボとジギシ): Bo-bobo makes the opponent let their guard down with a graduation ceremony and then attacks with his nose hairs. Used against Maitel. It is named The Thank-you Party is From 5 at the Karaoke Box!! (謝恩会こそ5時からカラオケボックスで!!) in the anime.
  • Family of Glasses (メガネ一家) / Ninja Nasal Hair Twister: Bo-bobo fires ring-like nosehair at the opponent. Used against Killalino.
  • Bababa-ba Ba-baba (バババーバ・バーババ): Bo-bobo attacks with his nose hairs to all directions. Used against the bears.
  • Nose Hair Revolution (鼻毛レボリューション): Performs a mid-air swirling nose hair attack. Used against Kodebun.
  • Delicious Tea Ramen Shop(紅茶のおいしいラーメン屋)/Pasta Restaurant With Delicious Black Tea: Bo-bobo attacks the opponent with his nose hairs while he holds an empty ramen bowl. Used against Gechappi.
  • The Mayonaise War Erupts! (マヨネーズ戦争勃発!) / Feel The Power of The Fist of The Nosehair Attack!: Bo-bobo hits the enemy with his nosehairs while jumping towards them. Uses against Tesuikatsu.
  • The Man Who Ended The Mayonaise War, His Name Is… Mrs. Ketchup (マヨネーズ戦争を終結させた男 その名も・・・ケ・チャップ夫人) / Now You Feel The Awesome Power of Snot For You Attack, Don’t You? Smell My Justice!: Bo-bobo performs a nose hair attack while Risuo holds a “Risumi come back” sign. Used against the Shop Manager.
  • Unwished Hair Removal Group Emergency Movement (ムダ毛処理班緊急出動) / Ready To Movilize, The Power Is Back: Bo-bobo dashes to the opponent to hit them with his nose hairs. Used against Softon.
  • Sashimi Ranch (刺身牧場) / Fist of The Raw Fish Ranch: Bo-bobo attacks with his nose hairs while dashing. Used against Softon
  • Kamemura Rejects Water (亀村水没) / Turtle Bridge Submerged: Bo-bobo unleashes spiraling nosehairs. Bo-bobo states that he didn’t plan on using this attack. Used against Wonk.
  • Nosehair Alley (鼻毛横町): Bo-bobo sends out several nose hairs (20 are counted) to attack his enemy. Used to defeat Gunkan.
  • Hell Strike Fall (地獄百舌落とし)/Twisted Earth Driller: Bo-bobo grabs the opponent in a spinning pile-driver. Used against Kibahage.
  • Stomach Hair MEN (胃毛MEN) / Down And Out With Handsome MEN: Bo-bobo delivers a nosehair attack from above when jumping in the air. Used against Captain Ishida.
  • Fighting Double Punishment (ケンカ両成敗): Bo-bobo attacks with his nose hairs while nose diving. Used against Chunosuke.
  • Pineapple Custard Pudding (パイナップリン): Bo-bobo flips around in mid-air and attacks the opponent. Used against Rice.
  • True Fist of the North Snot: Simply strikes the enemy hard with multiple nose hair.
  • Double Sword Nose Hairs: Bo-bobo uses sword-like nosehairs. Used against Yellow River Guy.
  • It Seems The Nata de Coco Survived (ナタデココはどうやら生き残った): Bo-bobo hits the opponent with his nose hairs while leaping. Used against OVER.
  • Torpedo Single Line Fishing (魚雷の一本釣り) / Go Fly a Kite, The Rising Sun Technique: Holds the opponent up in the air with his nose hairs. Used against Torpedo Girl.
  • Nose Hair Violent Fist (鼻毛激烈拳) / Nose Hair Twister: Nose hair spins/slaps the enemy at a high speed. Used against Torpedo Girl.
  • Nose Hair Bazooka (鼻毛バズーカ): Bo-bobo punches King Nosehair at the enemy. Used against Torpedo Girl.
  • Hell Nosehair Drop (地獄鼻毛落とし): Bo-bobo grabs the enemy with his nose hairs and slams them into the floor. Used against OVER.
  • Super Fist of O Solo Trio: Bo-bobo unleashes curling nosehairs. Used against Kanemaru.
  • Nose Hair Bridge (鼻毛橋): Bo-bobo’s nose hair forms a rainbow-shaped bridge.
  • With Extra Broth, Please! (ツユダクでお願い!)/With Extra Sauce: Bo-bobo releases his nose hairs attack the opponent. Used against Halekulani.
  • Nose Hair Spider Website Hold (鼻毛くも固め)/Nose Hair Spider Website Trap: Bo-bobo traps the enemy in a website of nose hair. Used to defeat Pana.
  • Keristian Dior (毛リスチャンディオール)/Half-Calorie Hit: Bo-bobo attempts to counter the enemy’s attack with his nosehair. Used against J. It is named Kelorie 1/2 (毛ロリー1/2) in the anime.
  • Thousand Nosehair Wave (サウザンド鼻毛波): Bo-bobo unleashes a very old (sickly in original version) nosehair from his hands, who says his other 999 brothers are coming, that falls asleep before it can reach the target. This is Bo-bobo’s first attack as Super Bo-bobo.
  • Bo-bobo Wave (ボーボボ波)/Bo-bobo Hair Wave: Another failed wave attack that releases clams.
  • Bo-bobo Beam (ボーボボビーム): Another failed wave attack that releases clams.
  • Barrage (集中砲火)/Surface to Hair Missiles: Bo-Bobo’s afro splits into three layers and shoots missiles at the enemy. Used against Rose-Lily Kikunojo.
  • Colossal Follicle:
  • Nosehair Sword (鼻毛ソード)/Nostril Knife: Bo-bobo combines two of his nosehairs into a weapon to slash enemies.
  • Fish Manipulation Dance (魚魚操りの舞)/Underwater Fishball Super Fist of Nose Hair Sleeping With the Flopping Fishies Dance: Bo-bobo wriggles and summons old men that give him a Japanese dish. Used against Ochazuke Alien
  • Fish Manipulation Dance 2 (魚魚操りの舞2)/Underwater Fishball Super Fist of Nose Hair Sleeping With the Flopping Fishies Dance 2: Bo-bobo wriggles while blowing a flute and summons old men dressed in kimono who deliver a box to the enemy. Used against Ochazuke Alien.

Assist Attacks

Attacks that involve usage of Bo-bobo’s allies. Through these attacks, Bo-bobo uses his allies as accessories or manipulates them by their abilities in order to defeat the opponent. These attacks are:

  • Tokoroten Magnum (ところ天マグナム)/Jelly Jiggler Magnum: Punches a hole through Tokoro Tennosuke and fires it at an opponent. Used against Gump, Mesopotamia Civilization, and Nightmare. Attempted to use it on OVER, but failed when Tokoro Tennosuke moved out of the way and tried to use the move using Bo-bobo’s body.
  • Narcissist Guard (ナルシストガード)/Super Shield of Jelly: Uses Tokoro Tennosuke as a shield when they are kids. Used against Nightmare.
  • Dengaku Shot (田楽ショット): Throws Dengakuman at an opponent. Used against OVER, Beep, and Megafan.
  • Tokoro Spear (ところ槍)/Spear of Fear: Bo-bobo uses Tokoro Tennosuke as a spear. Used against Kanemaru.
  • Lightning Nose Hair Ball (ライトニング鼻毛ボール)/Lightning Nose Awkward Moment Hairball: Bo-bobo grabs Don Patch with his nosehairs, electrifies him with wrapping paper, and throws him at the opponent. Used to defeat Kanemaru.
  • Heavenly Explosion (爆乱天)/Super Fist of the Wobbly Nose Hair: Jelly Explosion: Bo-bobo gives Tokoro Tennosuke a bomb as a gift (stuck a stick of dynamite in his mouth in the manga) to make Tokoro Tennosuke explode into dozens of small balls that go flying everywhere. Used against Garbel of Manicuria.
  • Board of Xevious (ゼビウスの板)/Super Fist of the Wobbly Nose Hair: Blockhead Attack: When Tokoro Tennosuke’s “Wrapping Paper” move fails (or succeeds) Bo-bobo tosses Jelly at Garbel of Manicuria. It is named Board of Moebius (メビウスの板) in the anime.
  • Tokoro Nose Hairs (ところ鼻毛)/Super Fist of the Wobbly Nose Hair: Jelly Nose Hairs: A combo attack where Bo-bobo drinks Tokoro Tennosuke and uses him as nosehairs. Used to defeat Garbel of Manicuria.
  • Citrus Bomb (ボンタン爆弾)/A Crunchy Spongey Dude with a Major Attitude: Bo-bobo changes Don Patch into a citrus fruit (sponge in the anime) and throws him at the enemy. Used against the Three Prison-Murderer Bros. It is named Sponge Tawashi Bomb (スポンジタワシ爆弾) in the anime.
  • Cuteness Guard (かわいさガード)/Curtain of Cute Defense: Bo-bobo uses Dengakuman as a shield but decides to neglect the technique.
  • Bo-bobo Typhoon (ボーボボタイフーン): Bo-bobo grabs Don Patch’s legs and spins, creating a tornado to blow Halekulani’s dollar bill away.
  • Supersonic Idiot Beigoma (超音速バカベーゴマ)/Super Sonic Goof Ball Tops: Bo-bobo ties Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke up with rope and spins them like tops to create twin twisters.
  • Twin Drill Punch (ツインドリルパンチ): Bo-bobo uses his nose hair to spin and throw Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke at the enemy. Used against Halekulani in the anime.
  • Friend Guard (仲間ガード)/Friend Blocker: Bo-bobo uses both Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke as shields. Used against Pana.
  • Legendary Hustler Shot (伝説のハスラーショット)/Jelly Jiggler in the Pana Pocket: When Tokoro Tennosuke is trapped on the Lightning Ball, Bo-bobo pulls out a pool cue and launches him at the enemy as if he were a billiard ball. Used against Pana.
  • Idiot Bomb (バカ爆弾)/Super Fist of the Dumb Bomb: Bo-bobo hits the enemy with Don Patch.
  • Bo-bobo Cutter (ボーボボカッター): Bo-bobo’s afro opens, revealing Dengakuman reading the newspaper and watching the show until Bo-bobo throws him at the enemy. Note: The real Bo-bobo Cutter was “tossed out by Dengakuman years ago”.
  • Snack Time (おやつの時間)/Snack Time for Jelly’s Belly: Bo-bobo and Hatenko open Tennosuke’s mouth so he eats Ujikin TOKIO’s ice.
  • Resurrection Tokoro Tennosuke (復活の天の助)/Jelly Jig-Cicles: Bo-bobo puts frozen Tennosuke on a tokoroten tsuki and pushes him into many Tennosuke cubes.
  • Life Coating (人生コーティング)/Jelly Solidifier: Bo-bobo solidifies Tennosuke by asking him to let him marry his daughter
  • Love Attack (ラブ・アタック)/Lovey-Dovey Switcharoo: Torpedo Girl rams to the enemy at the end of a series of Softon marks created by Bo-bobo. Used against Combat Blues.
  • Torpedo Quiz (魚雷クイズ)/Torpedo Quiz Show: Bo-bobo makes the opponent guess where Torpedo Girl is. Used against Combat Blues.
  • Good Luck, Don Patch (がんばれ首領パッチ)/Congratulations Don Patch, Nice Job: Bo-bobo sends Don Patch to block the opponent’s attacks. Used against Jeda the Wind God.
  • The Tokoro Balloon of Friendship (友情のところ風船)/Jelly Full of Hot Air Balloon: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Dengakuman inflate Tennosuke.
  • Fighting Dengakuman (ファイティング田楽マン)/Dengaku Warrior: Dengakuman appears from Bo-bobo’s afro to fight the opponent.
  • Launch Idiot Satellite (バカ衛星発射)/Screwball Satellite Launch: Bo-bobo launches Don Patch into the space and turn into a satellite.
  • Johnny, The Great Lasso Champ of the Wild West (荒野の投げ縄ジョニー)/Lasso Larry Rides the Range Again: Bo-bobo grabs Tennosuke with a rope and throws him to the enemy. Used against Rem.
  • Tokoro Cannon (ところ砲)/Jelly Cannon: Bo-bobo launches Tennosuke out of a cannon. Used against Hanpen.
  • Spinning LOCK (大回転LOCK)/Hurling Hatenko Lock And Load: Bo-bobo holds Hatenko with his nose hairs and spins around him.
  • Sudden Dengaku Shot (抜き打ち田楽ショット)/Disguised Dengaku Defense: Bo-bobo opens his afro and fires Dengakuman from it. Used against Kuunyan.
  • Spikey Spinning Wheel (トゲトゲ大車輪)/Wheel of Misfortune: Don Patch turns into a giant table and Bo-bobo spins him with his nosehairs creating a tornado. Used against Tsuru Tsurulina III.
  • Patch Jet (パッチジェット)/Patch Plane: Bo-bobo transforms Don Patch into a jet in order to escape any dangerous situations.
  • Bump Sword (タンコブ刀)/Lumpy Sword: Bo-bobo gives Don Patch multiple bumps with all of them stacked on top of each other and used him as a sword.
  • Gutsy Bat (根性バット): Bo-bobo attempts to hit the enemy with a giant bottle with Don Patch and Tennosuke inside.
  • Hair-Manipulation Jutsu (毛あやつりの術)/Charming Hair Charmer: Bo-bobo manipulates Heppokomaru’s hair.

Cooperation Techniques

A list of attacks where Bo-bobo teams up with his allies and work as one force to defeat the opponent:

  • Friendship Power (友情パワー)/We Are Friendship Power: Bo-bobo, Beauty, Don Patch, Heppokomaru, Hatenko, and Serviceman put their hands together Yu-Gi-Oh style and attack all at once. Used against Dengakuman.
  • The Fresh Fruit Girls:
  • Gojo Bridge (五条大橋)/Bo-bobo Bolden Bait Bridge: Bo-bobo forms a bridge with Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke. Used to get to Infinite Shoot.
  • Dengaku Shoot (田楽シュート): Bo-bobo kicks Dengakuman at the opponent. Used against Indus Civilization.
  • Dengaku Shoot with Nose Hairs (鼻毛で田楽シュート)/United Fist of Spinning Dengaku with Nose Hair: Bo-bobo grabs Dengakuman with his nosehairs and throws him at the opponent. In the manga, Bo-bobo uses Dengaku Shoot instead. Used against Indus Civilization.
  • Our Friendship is Eternal (俺達の友情は永遠だ!)/Friendships are Forever, Spin It Anyway You Like: Bo-bobo does a handstand on Don Patch, while doing multiple spin kicks, while throwing Dengakuman. Used against Kouga Civilization.
  • Rolling Attack (ゴロゴロアタック)/Rumble Rolling Attack: Don Patch and Dengakuman roll Bo-bobo. Used against Kouga Civilizaton.
  • Bo-bobo Torpedo (ボーボボ魚雷)/Bo-bobo Traveling Torpedo: Bo-bobo charges at the opponent while Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke carry him. Used against Kouga Civilization.
  • The Legend of Kage Jump/Jumping Skill by Chakovsky:
  • Our Mission is Complete, Major Beauty (任務完了しましたビュティ少佐): Bo-bobo, Tokoro Tennosuke, and Don Patch lure the enemy into an enclosed area then Bo-bobo follows up by throwing a bomb into the place. Used against Nightmare.
  • Nosehair Jump Rope (鼻毛なわとび): Bo-bobo, Halekulani, Tokoro Tennosuke, and Don Patch jump rope to try to beat the record while Bo-bobo has Halekulani restrained. Used against Halekulani.
  • Friendship Wave (友情波)/Friendship Wave Technique: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke unite their power to shoot a stream of energy, though it goes in the opposite direction of the attacker. Used against Halekulani.
  • Hondarapoi no Hogehogepo (ホンダラポーイのホゲホゲポー)/Goofy Face Attack: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke take on odd animation and wiggle around with sticks in their mouths and noses. Used against the Cyber City Guard Corps.
  • Bo-bobo Spring (ボーボボスプリング): Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke jump on springs.
  • Ballerina Attack (バレリーナアタック): Bo-bobo and Don Patch attack with a pirouette. Used against Pana.
  • Synchronized Fighting Game Combo (シンクロ乱舞)/Super Synchronized Bungee Dance: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke bungee in the air in bikinis, then attack the enemy with high-speed attacks (except Bo-bobo).
  • Angels Fly (エンジェル浮遊)/Airborn Angels: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke turn into angels and attack the enemy with beehives, goldfish bowls, and scissors.
  • Hell’s 20-Ton Press (地獄の20トンプレス)/20-Ton Press Time: While in his crayon box-like form, Don Patch throws the enemy in the air while Bo-bobo expands, making him weigh 20 tons, then he presses the enemy on Don Patch’s spikes.
  • The March of the 300 Female High School Students (女子高生300人大行進)/March of the 300 High School Girls: Bo-bobo makes 300 schoolgirl versions of himself to march over the enemy while being led by Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke. Used against J.
  • Fresh Veggie Attack (採れたて野菜アタック)/Fresh From the Garden Vegetable Attack: Carrot Bo-bobo, Eggplant Don Patch, and Green Pepper Tokoro Tennosuke (potato in the manga) attack the enemy. Used against Giga.
  • Umbrella-36X (KASA-36X)/Super Fist of K.A.S.A. 36X: Bo-bobo’s ally fires a laser from the parasol used for . Used against Giga.
  • Southern Cross (∞)/Super Fist to Infinity: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke attack the enemy riding Torpedo Girl. Used against Giga.
  • Cinderella Story (シンデレラ物語): Bo-bobo and Torpedo Girl turn into Cinderella, Don Patch turns into a private eye detective, and Tokoro Tennosuke turns into a pizza guy. Used to get to Giga on his Staircase of Doom.
  • Shinsengumi-Style Technique, “Cinderella” (心照羅)/Super Fist of Cinderella: Shougan Style: Bo-bobo and Don Patch become samurai who slash the enemy with their swords. Used to counter Giga’s Objet D’Art Eggs.
  • The Great Spinning President’s Chair Attack (社長のイス大回転アタック)/Executive Leather Chair Rotation: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Torpedo Girl become executives who attack the enemy by rotating their chairs. Tokoro Tennosuke also attempts to do this attack but, his chair is bolted to the floor. Used against Giga’s clones.
  • Get Back Love (愛を取り戻せ!)/Super Fist of Seize Back Love: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke become rebels and charge at the enemy on motorcycles. Used against Giga.
  • Traditional Nose Hair Stories: The Battle Between the Monkey and the Crab 2003 (昔鼻毛話さるかに合戦2003)/Nose Hair Folklore: Battle of the Crab and Monkey: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke, and Torpedo Girl turn into rice mortars and charge and joust on pegasi towards the enemy. Used against Super Giga. Named  (昔鼻毛話さるかに合戦2005) in the anime.
  • The Art of the Tanaka Family (アート・オブ・田中さん一家)/Art of the Bad Family Portrait: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke, Dengakuman, and Torpedo Girl become a family portrait. Used against Giga. A list of all portraits (except Bo-bobo) is listed below.
    • Don Patch: Don Patch becomes a housewife who cooks Giga’s golden fish in soup and spits it out and places him on a clothesline with Beauty’s sheets and spanks him with laundry sticks.
    • Torpedo Girl: Torpedo Girl becomes a schoolgirl who reveals she has a crush on Giga by turning into two ghosts.
    • Tokoro Tennosuke: Tokoro Tennosuke becomes an investor who is made rich by stocks that he showers down on Giga.
    • Dengakuman: Dengakuman becomes the family’s pet dog who sends out a background of his head to shower on Giga.
  • Romanticized Heat Flame Macho Men (熱炎漢浪漫)/Furven Flames: An inflamed Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke charge at the enemy until Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke holds back Bo-bobo’s fist and let’s it go, resulting in a powerful inflamed punch. Used against Giga.
  • Sun Final Beam: Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke throw Bo-bobo out of the atmosphere where he throws the sun and punches the enemy through it. Used to defeat Giga.
  • Scale Attack (鱗粉アタック)/Iron Butterfly Attack: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke turn into butterflies and attack the enemy by flapping their wings.
  • Extinguisher Attack (火消しアタック)/Super Weather Fist Forecast: A Patch of Cloud: Bo-bobo turns into a machine that expels Don Patch as a rain cloud that rains an army of fire-dousing Don Patches.
  • Barbecue Bomber (焼き肉ボンバー)/Table For Two Kung-Fu:
  • Club Girls:
  • Go Picnic (遠足にGO)/Hiking in the Hills: Bo-bobo and Don Patch roll the opponent up a steep hill.
  • Hajike Cannon (ハジケ砲, )/Wiggin’ Cannon: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Rice combine their hajike powers together, allowing Bo-bobo to unleash a huge energy beam from his afro. Used to defeat Rububa the Bubbles.
  • Floral Wind (フローラルのそよ風)/Scented Swirling Service: Bo-bobo flaps Serviceman’s sheet to blow Rem’s dust.
  • Ora, Ora, Aura (オラオラ・オーラ)/Attract An Aura: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke become thugs and create an aura around them. Used against Lambada.
  • The Melodious J Carnival (旋律のJ大感謝祭)/Dance and Play Like J All Day: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke attack the enemy by dancing while wearing sunglasses and mustache like J’s. Used against Lambada.
  • Grandma and Grandpa’s Spinning Dining Table (回るじいちゃんばあちゃんの食卓)/Sitting With Grandpa On A Jelly Flying Carpet: Bo-bobo and Don Patch become grandfathers sitting on a spinning Tokoro Tennosuke to dodge the enemy’s attacks.
  • The Dark Dance, Dance #1 (暗黒舞踊壱の舞い)/Dance of a Thousand Pigs: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tenosuke attack the enemy by dancing. Used against Lambada.
  • Extra-Large Facial Badminton (超ド級顔面羽子板)/Flat Face Paddle Ball: Softon uses Bo-bobo with his flat face as a racket to throw cannon balls (spiked balls in the manga) thrown by Beauty at the enemy. Used against Lambada.
  • Tactical Mechanical Lightning Robot Three Sheets (機攻破電メカ三枚板)/The Paper Mache Protector:
    • Saber Buster Cannon (セイバー・バスター・キャノン): The robot fires a powerful beam cannon from the Tennosuke mouth on its abdomen. Used against Lambada.
  • Keep The River Clean (川の水はキレイにしといて)/Roust The Rubbish Out Of This River: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Hatenko dress like fishes and attack the enemy.
  • Feast of the Angels (天女達の宴)/Bouillabaisse Beauties: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke become nynphs and attack the opponent. Used against Hanpen.
  • Shiny Star Palm (きらめきスター承)/Shining Star Attack: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke unite their hands and fire a star-shaped shockwave. Used against Hanpen.
  • King of Beast Fist (百獣王拳)/You Can’t Hide Those Lions Eyes: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke attack the enemy while dresses like lions. Used against Tsurulina III.
  • Double Golden Blow (W黄金の一撃)/Scissor Shield Meet My Sorry Shield: Bo-bobo attacks the enemy with his nosehairs while OVER slashes them with his scissors. Used against Tsurulina III.
  • Double Dentists (W歯医者): Bo-bobo and Don Patch become dentists and attack the enemy’s teeth. Used against Tsurulina III.
  • Gutsy Cycling (根性サイクリング)/Motorcycle Strikers: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke rush at the enemy on bicycles.
  • Birth of Life (生命の誕生)/Butterfly Cocoon: While trapped by Nenchaku’s tape, Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke get out of if with butterfly wings.
  • Zitabata Chanpuru (ジタバタちゃんぷる)/Swimming In Midair: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke rise dust up to neutralize enemy attacks. Used against Nenchaku.
  • Prideful Dust Cannon (誇りあるホコリ砲)/Proud Dust Cannon: While trapped in a dust block, Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke enter a closet that is actually a secret base and fire dust from a cannon to the opponent. Used against Nenchaku.
  • Nile River Power (ナイル川パワー)/Ancient Mummies Attack, Nile Power: While turned into mummies, Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke use magical scepters to attack the opponent. Used against Nenchaku.
  • Liaison Dummy Dance ’98 (馴れあいのバカダンス’98)/Dance That Out Of Date In ’98:
  • Aim To Be A Bump Big Leaguer (めざせタンコブ大リーガー)/Bump The Lumps From This Chump: While dressed like baseball players, Bo-bobo and Tokoro Tennosuke hit Don Patch’s bumps at Dark Yasha.
  • Hair Eye (毛眼): Bo-bobo makes Dark Yasha let his guard down by imitating his attack and along with Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke fires weapons at him and Katsu.
  • Dojo Destroying Repulsion Boys (道場破り撃退BOY’S)/Bat This Old Bat With These Bats: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke attack the enemy with bamboo blades. Used against Dark Yasha.
  • Breath of Raging Mother Nature (猛る大自然の息吹)/The Wrath of Mother Nature: Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke attack the enemy with spiked maces. Used against Dark Yasha
  • Rhapsody of Nosehair and Leghair (鼻毛とスネ毛のラプソディー):

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Hajike Attacks

Attacks that are usually random or used in hajike battles:

  • Bo-bobo World: Transports all living things in the area to an odd world where crazy things happen until the enemy goes out of his/her mind. The enemy’s power is disabled and a mark known as the Hickey of Bo-bobo also disables the enemy’s powers after the enemy is free from Bo-bobo World. Used against Softon, June 7th, and Torpedo Girl (but failed to defeat her).
  • Fist of Opening and Closing a CD Case (CDのケースをカパカパする真拳, ): Bo-bobo lunges at his opponent while repeatedly opening and closing a CD case.
  • Fist of Not Opening and Closing a CD Case (CDのケースがカパカパしない真拳, ): After the CD case gets broken, Bo-bobo once again lunges at his opponent without opening and closing the case (yet at the last second, the CD case fixes itself).
  • Box Wearing Fist (箱履拳, )/Fist of the Tissue Box Shoe: Bo-bobo, using a pair of tissue boxes as skates, zooms past his enemy at high speeds and attacks them in the process. Used against Puppetman.
  • Stress Relief Fist (ストレス解消拳)/Don Patch Punching Shield: Bo-bobo blocks the opponent’s attacks with a board that has Don Patch drawn. Used Against Katsu.
  • Murmur Defense (マーマーディフェンス): Bo-bobo dodges the opponent’s attacks by running. Used against Tokoro Tennosuke.
  • Gigantization (巨大化)/Super Snot For You: Jumbo-bobo: Bo-bobo shrinks himself to the size of an ant and is turned back to regular size on impact. Used against Captain Battleship.
  • Ring Ring Heaven (リンリン天国)/Monkey Land Super Fist: Summons a bunch of monkeys with ringing phones. Used against OVER.
  • Kamehameha (かめはめ波)/Life Size Geisha Backdrop: Bo-bobo hides behind a cardbord cut out of Characters from “Dragon Ball Z” such as Piccolo, Krillin and his face is showing out of the a hole on the face of Goku, they also show the seven dragon balls. In the anime, it is named If You Say Kyoto…This (京都と言えば・・・これ) and the cardboard is of a Geisha.
  • Yelling Fist (エール拳)/Super Fist of the Schoolgirl: Bicycle Pinafore: Bo-bobo, dressed like a school girl, falls into a lake and then appears in the top of the train.
  • Super Sacred Beast Fang Bullet Attack (超神剛牙獣砕弾)/Super Steel Fang: Woof-Woof: As Dogface, Bo-bobo jumps to Garbel of Mancuria’s platform and destroys it in one blow.
  • Sexy Pajama Party:
  • Nervousness Typhoon (オロオロ台風)/Whirlwind of Litigation: Bo-bobo gets nervous and creates a huge twister.
  • Summoning a Goat (ヤギ召喚)/Summon a Goat: Bo-bobo summons a giraffe (who believes that he is a goat) to eat Halekulani’s dollar bills.
  • Pinko Flash (ピン子フラッシュ)/Beauty Bling Bling: Bo-bobo inserts one of Halekulani’s coins in Don Patch, causing him to cough up coins with a picture of an elderly Beauty (“Pinko Izumi”) on the coins. This used to inflame Halekulani’s dollar bills. Named  (ビュティフラッシュ) in the anime.
  • Gondola Tour (ゴンドラツアー): Bo-bobo appears in a gondola and causes it to fall on the enemy. Used against Halekulani.
  • Golden Phoenix (ゴールデン・フェニックス)/Super Fist of the Nose Hair: 14 Carrot Golden Phoenix: Four Buger Brigade members forms a phoenix by standing on a skateboard while using fans for the wings and tail and holds a stick with a plastic bird head at the end while saying “Loogie Launcher” over and over until Bo-bobo punches the enemy with a boxing glove. Used against Halekulani.
  • Evil Spirit Possession (悪霊憑依爆)/Super Fist of the Evil Spirits: Haunt Bomb: Bo-bobo summons evil spirits to attack the enemy. Used against Halekulani.
  • BBQ Illusion(イリュージョン焼肉「焼肉を食べてないのに食べた気分になる文字通り、金使わなくてもゴージャス気分!」)/Imaginary Grilled Meat, Makes You Think You Ate Grilled Meat Even Though You Didn’t So You Feel Gorgeous and Full Without Spending Any Money: Bo-bobo summons a Phoenix who uses an attack called “Short Rib Beam” (ガルビーム) to destroy Halekulani’s “Your Money or Your Life” game. This replaced Yugi & Slifer from the manga.
  • Blooming Flower Typhoon (お花盛りタイフーン)/Ultimate Flowering Typhoon: Bo-bobo grabs the enemy’s arms and legs and rolls through a field of flowers. Used against Halekulani.
  • Full Blossom (満開)/Full Broom Doom: Bo-bobo tosses the enemy to finish Ultimate Flowering Typhoon. Used against Halekulani.
  • Funny Board Game (おもしろスゴロク)/Your Money or Your Wife: A Bo-bobo World-esque version of Halekulani’s Your Money Or Your Life, there’s no dice (instead, there’s a rhino) and the enemy is stuck with an idiot (Don Patch) on his head for a majority of the game. (also called “Spread Honey with a Knife”).
  • Ice Burn (氷冷弾)/Iceberg Nose Hair: Possibly used to summon an iceberg but just freezes the water over. Used against Cyber City guards.
  • Bo-bobo Wave (ボーボボ波): Bo-bobo fires a Beretta P-36 Magnum (laser gun in the anime) to the enemy. Used against Pana.
  • 360 Degree Typhoon (360度タイフーン)/360 Degree Cyclone: Bo-bobo’s twist on Pana’s attack of the same name, except he turns into a jet car. Used against Pana.
  • Basket Worm Defense (みの虫ディフェンス)/Bunch A Bananas Defense: Bo-bobo turns into a basket worm (In the dub, Bo-bobo is coated with bananas).
  • Basket Worm Laser (みの虫レーザー)/Bunch A Bananas Laser: After entering basket worm form, Bo-bobo shoots beams from his eyes. Used against Sonic and Super Rabbit.
  • Snack Time (おやつの時間)/It’s Snack and Tea Time: All recently defeated allies or enemies comes back to have snacks and tea with Bo-bobo while listening to HPSJ on the radio.
  • You, Red Card! (キミレッドカード!): Bo-bobo shows a red card.
  • Bo-bobo Wonder Box (聖鼻毛不思議ボックス)/Bo-bobo Mystery Box: Bo-bobo looks at a red card then summons a Mystery Box where almost anything can happen to anyone who falls in.
  • Survival of the Fittest (弱肉強食)/The Strong Prey Upon the Weak: A lion comes out of Bo-bobo’s afro, then mauls the enemy. Used against Super Rabbit.
  • Dosukoi Bungee (どすこいバンジー)/Sumo Bungee: Bo-bobo turns into a sumo wrestler and attacks the enemy with high-speed attacks. Used against Sonic, Unknown Sad Sack, and Super Rabbit.
  • Super Flash (スーパーフラッシュ): Bo-bobo uses a desk lamp to produce a light brighter than even the Black Sun. Used against J.
  • Saurus-Kick (ザウルスキック)/Super Dinosaur Kick: Bo-bobo swings then jumps off of a rope dressed as a dinosaur and kicks the enemy. Used against Giga.
  • School’s Curtain Defense (学校のカーテンガード)/Super Fist of School Curtain Guard: Bo-bobo uses a black school curtain as a shield. Used against Giga.
  • Tofu (豆腐)/Tofu Art: Bo-bobo attacks the enemy with tofu. Used against Giga.
  • Woof Woof Giant Spin (わんわん大回転)/Ruff-Ruff Dog Ring Around the Poesy: Bo-bobo becomes a dog and spins towards the enemy. Used against Giga.
  • The Loving Love-Love Umbrella (愛のラブラブ傘)/Best Friends Forever Umbrella: Bo-bobo shields him and his allies with a parasol.
  • Bo-bobo Elevator (ボーボボ・エレベーター)/Bo-bobo Custom Elevator: Bo-bobo summons an elevator that travels to any location.
  • Passionate Landscape Painting “1000 Pitch Hits” (2003) (激情風景選画「千本ノック」(2003))/Batting Practice Style Landscape Painting: My 2005 Edition: Bo-bobo becomes a portrait of himself batting baseballs at the enemy with a rainbow vapor stream following in its wake. Used against Giga. Named  in the anime.
  • Break the Seal of True Fist of the Nose Hair/Shatter the Seal: Bo-bobo’s nose hair becomes a green dragon that awakens others who vandalize the universe until breathing fire upon Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke.
  • The Attack of the Angry Bears (クマ達怒りの乱舞)/Angry Bear Wedding Party: The enemy falls on a bear’s wedding cake during a boat wedding party and is attacked by the stuffed bears (including the groom, who takes on the form of an actual bear). Used against Gorgon.
  • The Four Fairy Tale Sisters (メルヘン4姉妹)/Four Sisters: Freedom Fighters: Bo-bobo summons three sisters (and a male who thinks he’s a girl) to fight. Used against Rose-Lily Kikunojo.
  • Bo-bobo Flowers (ボーボボ花)/Bo-bobo Banquet: Bo-bobo plants seed in the enemy’s cloths that bloom into flowers that resemble Bo-bobo and irritates the enemy when exposed to music and explodes when it ends. Used against Rose-Lily Kikunojo.
  • Kantaro, The Wanderer Crow (旅ガラスのカン太郎)/As the Crow Flies: Bo-bobo turns into a speedy crow that carries the enemy back in time to the creation of the wheel were they are punched by the creator. Used against Rose-Lily Kikunojo. It is named  (旅ガラスのカー太郎) in the anime
  • Sun Flash (SUN・フラッシュ)/Number 3: Bo-bobo turns into a giant three with power that exceeds the sun.
  • Ecstatic Card Smash (快感板崩し)/Bo-bobo Brings Down The House: Bo-bobo makes a plate pyramid and then makes the plates fall at the opponent.
  • The Legendary Photo Opportunity (幻のシャッターチャンス)/Perfect Paparazzi Pageant: Bo-bobo distracts the opponent by taking photos at them.
  • Dot-Eyed Punch (目が点ポンチ)/Say Cheese: Bo-bobo attacks the enemy with light coming from his eyes.
  • Heavy Smoke (ヘビースモーク)/Burning Yams: Bo-bobo, turned into an alien, puts many cigarretes (yams in the anime) on his mouth and uses two fans to blow their smoke an the enemy.
  • Sci-Fi (江巣衛腐)/Science Fiction: Bo-bobo dresses in a yukata and sends little space pilots from his afro to attack the enemy.
  • Buzz Off, Letch (エロガッパによろしく)/An Autographed Denbo Poster:
  • Carp Swimming Up Waterfall (鯉の滝登り)/Triple Trout Barrage:
  • Scramble, Tweety Squad (ピヨピヨ隊出動)/Super Fist of the Peep Cheep Heep:
  • Trying For The Word Record in Dominoes (ドミノ世界記録に挑戦)/Dominoes World Record: Don Patch accidentally makes dominoes fall, causing the enemy’s attack to lose its effect.
  • The Great Field Trip (大修学旅行)/Super Field Trip:
  • The Monkey’s Gift Attack (サルのお歳暮アタック)/Monkey See, Monkey Do:
  • The Light of Hope (希望の光)/Extreme Light: Bo-bobo studies while illuminated by fireflies.
  • Golden Awakening (ゴールデン目覚まし)/Golden Strawberry Alarm Clock:
  • Eat Egg (玉子食えー)/The Egg That Makes You Beg For Mercy: Bo-bobo makes the enemy eat a giant egg. Used against Hanpen.
  • Konjac Guard (コンニャクガード)/Old Cheese Wedge: Bo-bobo uses a konjac as a shield.
  • Box Lunches To Go (駅弁販売)/Train Station Lunch Vender: Bo-bobo tries to sell Hanpen to Don Patch, who is aboard a train.
  • New Folk Story: Hanpen Boy (新昔話ハンペン太郎): Bo-bobo and Don Patch fry Hanpen in a Momotaro parody.
  • A Lovely Home (ステキなマイホーム): Bo-bobo lures Hanpen into a pet house where Don Patch bites him.
  • 400 Letter Writing Paper Festival (原稿用紙400字づめフェスティバル)/The New York Times Crossword Puzzle:
  • Wild Weapon’s Dance (武器乱舞)/Super Fist of Heavy Objects: Bo-bobo throws various weapons at the enemy.
  • The Sad Cleaning Duty (哀しみの掃除当番)/Super Fist of Squeaky Clean: Bo-bobo turns into a cleaning locker while trapped into Tsurulina III’s box.
  • Fine Butt Defense (美尻ディフェンス)/Butt Butting Butter Knives: Bo-bobo repels Tsurulina III’s knives with his butt.
  • Hair Planting (毛植え)/Hair Plants: Bo-bobo plants hair in the ground.
  • Teruteru Bo-bobo (てるてるボーボボ)/Good Weather Ghost: Bo-bobo turns into a teruteru bozu and produces a storm.
  • Zitabata Beam (ジタバタビーム, )/Kicking and Screaming Beam: Bo-bobo unleashes multiple beams from his body, while lying down. Used against Tsuru Tsurulina III.
  • Afro Eldorado (アフロ黄金郷)/Golden Afro Eldorado: Bo-bobo removes hair balls from his afro that become many mini Bo-bobos.
    • Bo-bobo Fluffiness (聖鼻毛・増毛)/Seriously Bad Hair Day: The mini Bo-bobos fuse with the opponent’s hair turning it into a giant afro.
    • God Punch (神パンチ): Bo-bobo appears from inside the giant afro and punches the enemy’s face.
  • Dinner Under The Starlit Sky (星空キラめく晩ごはん)/It’s A Banquet With A Bang:
  • Typhoon Kite Tournament (強風・凧揚げ大会決行)/8-Man Human Kite Flying Team:
  • Ramen Gum (ラーメンガム)/Ramen Noodles Chewing Gum: Bo-bobo summons a ramen flavored chewing gum.
  • A Greedy Boy Eats Meat! (ガリガリBOYは肉を食え!): Bo-bobo makes Dark Yasha’s sword eat meat.
  • Golden Demon (金色夜叉):

Trial Attacks

Attacks that involve making the opponent endure extensively long trials by getting them involved in different situations corresponding to the theme of each attack. Some of these attacks are usually Bo-bobo’s way of teaching an opponent a lesson. However, as these attacks are hajike based, Bo-bobo often contradicts himself by enforcing something completely opposite of what he meant to teach.

Welcome to Planet Judge

Planet Judge (全宇宙鼻毛裁判, ): Bo-bobo summons the powers of each planet. Used to defeat Torpedo Girl, but Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke, and even Bo-bobo are affected.

  • Mercury: Summons a flood and a lightning storm.
  • Venus: Makes them look for a coin on the ground.
  • Earth: Drops a boulder on enemies.
  • Mars: Bo-bobo Pushes them off a cliff into a pit of lava and eats really hot food and then breathing fire to burn Torpedo Girl, Don Patch, and Tennosuke (but Beauty says that the food was mild).
  • Jupiter: Bo-bobo dressed as Santa Claus, running over them with a sled and reindeer.
  • Saturn: Don Patch enlarging his spikes and then spinning to attack Bo-bobo, Torpedo Girl, and Tennosuke.
  • Uranus: Tennosuke whacking Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Torpedo Girl with his “nu” handkerchief.
  • Neptune: Bo-bobo using a spotlight to lift up Service Man’s blanket so he flashes the others.
  • Pluto: Pluto coming down and causing a tsunami that engulfs Torpedo Girl.

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Bo-bobo Roulette

(聖鼻毛回転盤, ): Bo-bobo appears on a roulette wheel (Don Patch in the last spin) to randomly choose someone to be attacked in very random and ridiculous ways. This attack is used against the Three Prison-Murderer Brothers to make them pay for capturing Beauty and Suzu. Due to the attack’s random nature, Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke (with 2 spots, even though he is never chosen) are also listed on the roulette.

  • Deadly Meteorites Within a Six-Mile Radius of Beep (ビープの周囲10キロに隕石落下)/Meteorites Will Fall All Around You: This is the first Bo-bobo Roulette punishment, which involves meteorites falling near the chosen enemy. Used against Beep but Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke, and Megafan were also hit in the process.
  • 1000 Bees (ハチ1000匹)/1000 Hornets: This is the second Bo-bobo Roulette punishment, which involves a thousand hornets stinging the enemy. Used on Beep and Don Patch at the same time.
  • Bo-bobo Compactor (ボーボボDEぺっちゃんこ)/Flatten by Bo-bobo: This is the third Bo-bobo Roulette punishment, which involves a robot Bo-bobo head to fall on the enemy but if unsuccessful, robot Bo-bobo hands clutch the enemy. Used against Haou. (This is the first punishment to affect only one person)
  • Bo-Ninja Invasion (ボ忍見参)/The Bo-Ninjas: This is the fourth punishment of Bo-bobo Roulette, which involves a group of ninja (known as Bo-Ninja) attacking the opponent. Used on Megafan, Beep, and Haou at the same time.
  • Kill Don Patch!! (首領パッチぶっ殺す!!)/Destroy Don Patch: This is the fifth Bo-bobo Roulette Punishment, which involves Bo-bobo slashing Don Patch with knife (chases Don Patch with a hammer in the anime). Meant for Beep, but Don Patch was the one who was attacked. Named  (首領パッチぶっつぶす!!) in the anime.
  • Little Princess (ファンシーちゃん)/Miss Fancy: This is the sixth Bo-bobo Roulette punishment, which causes its victim to turn into a non-violent/peace-loving girl who designs formal wear, then is attacked by Bo-bobo riding a robot fist with a picture of Miss Fancey on it. Used against Haou.
  • Sentimental Nose Hair: School Daze Graduation (センチメンタル鼻毛 卒業)/Graduation: The seventh and final Bo-bobo Roulette Punishment (with Don Patch on the roulette wheel), with Bo-bobo delivering a massive attack with his Nose Hair. Used to defeat Haou, Megafan, and Beep at the same time.

Wonderful Nose Hair 7 Days

(ワンダフル鼻毛7DAYS, )/It’s a Wonderful Nose Hair Life: Bo-bobo makes the enemy experience seven “ordinary” days, then slams the enemy into the ground. This attack is used to teach Halekulani that everyday life is more important than money. The days are as follows:

  • Monday: Several alarm clocks ring simultaneously as Mommy (Tokoro Tennosuke) wakes Bo-bobo, the family dog (Don Patch) jumps through the window, the family eats canned crab for breakfast. And Bo-bobo gets to blow up the Monday-go-round. Monday gets an A.
  • Tuesday (Barricaded Day): Several police officers who look like Bo-bobo surround the house to arrest Bo-bobo for playing video games too loud in the winter. For dinner they eat canned crab. Bo-bobo gets to blow up the roller coaster.
  • “Rock n’ Roll” Wednesday (Big Bobble Head Day): An army of Bo-bobo Samurai fight to get back stolen CDs in the Tokugowa Era. Bo-bobo also rolls Halekulani off the roof. (Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke exhibit their rapping abilities)
  • Thursday: It’s a diary (though it looks more like a script in Kanji). Bo-bobo attempts to get fish from an outer space fish market and ends up “calmly” destroying the universe. Tokoro Tennosuke gets thrown into Halekulani and collides into a wall of paper with “nu” symbols on it.
  • Friday: Chocolate-filled pies eaten by a fuzzy squirrel. Bo-bobo kicks Halekulani’s spine for the rest of the day. In the English anime dub, Bo-bobo then attacks Halekulani for touching the squirrel because he bites, but Beauty was the one petting him.
  • Saturday (Ghost Wars): Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke become ghost monsters with the powers of light to destroy the ghosts of darkness, including Monster #65: Mercedes (Marcel in the English anime dub).
  • Sunday (Travel to Wonderland Day Incognito): Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke (along with everyone else from every other day reenact Alice in Wonderland. This ends with Bo-bobo telling Halekulani that money isn’t worth much and the most important thing in this world is… money? He then slams him into the ground.

Supernatural Mystery 7 Traveler

(超常現象7トラベラー)/Dishonorably Unfair World 7-City Bus Tour: Bo-bobo sends the enemy on a world tour to 7 different random places where each new location executes a different attack. This attack is used against Ujikin TOKIO, Chisuisui, and Star Saber in order to get even with them by taking them to an unpredictable world, after Ujikin TOKIO used an unpredictable attack against the rest of Bo-bobo’s allies, who were on the sidelines, despite it being a 3-on-3 match.

  • Australia (オーストラリア)/Sydney, Australia: Bo-bobo takes his enemies to Australia where they encounter koalas’ and kangaroos living like modern citizens. They are attacked by Tidal Wave Australia (怒濤のオーストラリア).
  • Smith’s Room in America (アメリカのスミスの部屋)/New York City: Bo-bobo brings his foes to meet average american, John Smith. Bo-bobo performs an exocism, while John Smith gives them an uppercut.
  • New Zealand’s Cyclone (ニュージーランドのサイクロン)/New Zealand: Bo-bobo throws his enemies into a cyclone. They shorty find out that the cylones was created by Bo-bobo, using Tokoro Tennosuke. Don Patch (as a spaceship) then beams them up and they fight aliens (Space invaders-style). A mecha Bo-bobo head then blasts them.
  • Many Girl Students (大量女子高生)/Tokyo: Ujikin TOKIO and his minions are smothered by school-girls and then thrown into a river.
  • India/New Delhi: Bo-bobo uses the Curry Robot (カレーロボ) to attack them with Extra Hot Roux Beam (激辛ルービーム)/Spicey Scream.
  • Morocco (モロッコ)/”Bo-boboBurbia”: Bo-bobo takes Ujikin TOKIO and his minions to a city where every building says “Morocco”. There, Bo-bobo makes them ride The Morocco Mineshaft (モロッコでトロッコ) (Tokoro Tennosuke in the form of a mine cart) and crashes into every building.
  • Tennosuke’s Supernatural Mystery (天の助の超常現象): Bo-bobo shows Tokoro Tennosuke to the enemy after being beaten by Mr. Hamster.
  • Bo-bobo Great Eruption (ボーボボ大噴火)/Bo-bobo Volcanic Eruption of Magma: A Volcano erupts, sending hundreds of flaming Bo-bobo’s to crash into the enemy.

Bo-bobo World Nightmare

(聖鼻毛悪夢領域)/Bo-bobo Nightmare World & 18th Century Theater: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tennosuke send the opponent into a dimension filled with love and romance. In this dimension, the opponent is forced to experience strange and touching events of their choosing. Used against Rem.

Retro Game-Playing

(レトロ・ゲーム・プレイング)/Retro Game-Playing Action: An attack used to seal Lambada’s Fist of Polygon through old-styled video games in a papier mache TV that becomes real when the game is on.

  • Afro Fight (アフロファイト)/Make Fighter Fall Down Game: An action game where Lambada gets beaten by Bo-bobo and Don Patch.
  • Area Bo-bobo: A shooting game where Lambada is the pilot and is defeated by Bo-bobo turned into an octopus.
  • Idiot Puzzle (バカパズル)/Pointless Puzzle Game: A figure-making puzzle game where Lambada beats Don Patch and Tennosuke and is defeated by Softon.
  • GP Nose Hair Racers (GP鼻毛レーサーズ)/The Race Chase: A racing game where Lambada crashes Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke and they dizzy him by moving the papier mache TV.
  • Boinal Bontasy (ボイナルボンタジー)/Finally Fantastical: An RPG where Lambada is the princess and Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke beat him.
  • Sim Buta: A cultivation game where Lambada is a pig and forced to do special training for a tournament.
  • Nu-Presenting Game (ぬ献上ゲーム)/Lug the Lucky Logo: A game where Lambada has to catch the Nu’s that fall from the sky, go up the pyramid and present it to Tennosuke.
  • Passion of Romance (ときめきの野望)/Love Throughout the Ages: A mix between a romance game and a strategy game. Softon plays it and uses an inundation against Lambada.
  • Super New Game (超最新ゲーム)/Brand New Game: An old-styled game where Lambada is defeated by Bobopatchnosuke.

Human Express By Nosehair

(鼻毛発人間超特急)/:Human Highlights in HD: An attack that forces the opponent to see the good of the human life. Used against Tsuru Tsurulina III.

  • The Birth of a Baby: Bo-bobo sends the opponent to a hospital. There, Tokoro Tennosuke pulls out one of don Patch teeth which turns into a giant baby Bo-bobo and attacks the opponent. Then, each baby Bo-bobo must grab a name tag off of the opponent while jumping off a trampoline. One of them with attack the opponent with three karate moves.
  • Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic: Bo-bobo sends the opponent to an elementary school in outer space. There, the opponent is attack by missiles and alien lasers.
  • Middle School: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke study in a small four-wall rom, only to reveal that they are in the middle of the ocean surrounded by two schools of sharks. Bo-bobo uses the opponent as bait to be attacked by Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke in shark costumes.
  • Obnoxious Teenage Years: Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke as delinquents beat up the opponent.
  • A Human’s First Job Interview: Bo-bobo grabs the opponent and smashes them through the window of the interview room. Tokoro Tennosuke hires the opponent, but the building crashes down on them. The opponents gets a second job making sushi.
  • The Moment You Fall in Love: Don Patch (Patchimi) falls in love with Bo-bobo, who is in a full-bodied costume. When he takes the mask off, Don Patch thinks he disappeared. Out of sorrow, Don Patch takes a train ride, while the opponent is tied up outside the train and is dragged across the tracks. The train then Transforms into a giant Heart Broken Robot and fires multiple blasts at the opponent.

Bo-bobo TV-Channel Hour

(ボボボTV局アワー)/Bo-bobo TV Network: Used against Nenchaku.

  • Jungle Wake-up News (ジャングル目覚ましニュース)/Good Morning Bo-bobo and the Jungle News:
  • Can Hair Do It? (できるっ毛?)/Can We Build It?:
  • You Shouldn’t Laugh (笑っちゃダメっ毛?ショー)/Force Me To Laugh:
  • Mrs. Tokorote (ところて夫人)/As The Jelly Turns:
  • Pachinko Slot Victory Course – The Road To Winnings:
  • Double Iron Man Cooking/Cooking With The Flu:
  • Bou-kun/Stick Man: A cartoon series involving flip-book animation of a stick-figure drawing.
  • Chasing Reckless Drivers (暴走列島24時大警察操作網暴走車を追え)/Who Wants To Be In A High-Speed Chase?:
  • Samurai News (侍ニュース)/Samurai Eyewitness News:

The ultimate culmination that finally defeats Nenchaku: The 0% ratings of no one watching the Bo-bobo channel.

The Three Great Essentials

  • Defeat a giant octopus:
  • Go on an incredible journey with your allies: Bo-bobo a group of pigs head west (a parody of journey to the West).
  • Shed moving tears: Bo-bobo gets emotional, while watching a television program involving a bear picking his teeth.
  • Strike Tokoro Tennosuke: Bo-bobo punches Tokoro Tennosuke.
  • Go around the Earth 100 times: Bo-bobo flies at fast speed, while dressed in Saiyan Armor.

Other Attacks

This is a list of Bo-bobo’s weak or “almost” sane attacks. Most of of these attacks serve their purpose as part of Bo-bobo’s philosophy of not always relying on Fist of the Nosehair:

  • Fist of the Closing CD Case – Bo-bobo attacks the enemy with a cd case. Used against Puppetman.
  • Fist of the Not Closing CD Case – Bo-bobo attacks the enemy with a cd case that cannot close due to being damaged, but it eventually does close. Used against Puppetman.
  • Armpit Chop (ワキチョップ): A weak chop attack. Used only because Bobobo didn’t want to overuse Fist of the Nosehair. Used against Death Mask.
  • Bo-bobo Punch (ボーボボパンチ): A punch. Used against Rice.
  • Bo-bobo Chop (ボーボボチョップ): A chop. Used against Rice.
  • Leg Snap (足カックン)/Knee Buckle Attack: Used against Rice.
  • Bo-bobo Fire (ボーボボファイヤー)/Fire Attack: Bo-bobo breathes deeply, then breathes fire. Used against Yellow River Guy and Mesopotamian Guy.
  • Light Ray/Flickering Flames of Fire Light: When in ghost form in Saturday’s Ghost War during It’s a Wonderful Nose Hair Life, Bo-bobo shoots two rays of golden flames from his fingers.
  • Pre-Emptive Strike (先制攻撃)/Pre-Emptive Attack: In the anime, Bo-bobo hits the enemy with Tokoro Tennosuke.
  • Wang Taren (王大人)/Chicken Varechini: Bo-bobo blocks an enemy’s attack with his fist. Used against Giga. It is named  (ワン・タンメン) in the anime. Named after the character fromSakigake!! Otokojuku
  • Angry Daddy Longlegs Kick (怒りの足長おじさんキック): Bo-bobo extends his leag and kicks the enemy. Used against Giga.
  • The Police Headquarters Drop of Anger (怒りの警視庁ドロップ)/Police Man’s Piledriver: Bo-bobo pile drives the enemy. Used to defeat normal Giga. It is named  (怒りのポリスメンドロップ) in the anime.
  • Quadruple Macho Man Fist (漢拳4倍)/Once, Twice, 4 Times a Man’s Fist: Bo-bobo preforms limb sacrificing double punches and double kicks. Used against Giga.
  • Teabag Attack (ティーパック・アタック)/Previously Used Teabag Attack: Bo-bobo hits the enemy with expired tea bags. It is named  (出涸らしティーバッグ・アタック) in the anime.
  • Claw (爪)/Pork! Chop! Punch!: Bo-bobo gains the claw of a beast (fist of a pig in the anime) and delivers a powerful punch. It is named  (ポークチョップ) in the anime.
  • Extra Moist Silky Skin Elbow (超うるおいお肌エルボー)/Super Moisturized Elbow: Bo-bobo elbows the enemy with his arm turned into polygons. Used against Lambada.
  • Hanpen Flip (ハンペン返し)/Have A Taste Of Your Own Soupy Medicine:
  • Drowning Kick (土左衛門キック)/Bulldozer Kick:
  • Great Tickling Earthquake (くすぐり大地震)/Tickle Tickle Attack:
  • Leg Pin (足ピン)/Leg Flicks: Bo-bobo flicks the opponents legs. Used against Halon Oni.

Attacks that are used via Robot

  • Robot Electric Discharge Attack (ロボ放電アタック)/Frog Shock-a-Lot: Bo-bobo electrifies his robot while being held by Hagaiou’s robot.
  • School (学校)/School Mode: Bo-bobo’s robot turns into a school to make the enemy get down the robot.
  • Robot Nosehair Lock-On (メカ鼻毛ロックオン):

Video Game-Exclusive Attacks

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Bakuto Hajike Taisen

  • Kurukku! (クルックー): Bo-bobo dresses up as an eagle and charges at the opponent.
  • Bo-bobo Wave (ボーボボ波): Bo-bobo throws a giant clam at the opponent.
  • Bo-bobo Union (ボーボボ合体): Two robotic parts assemble to create a Bo-bobo Robot, which hits the opponent.
  • Holy Nosehair Babylon Whirlwind (聖鼻毛バビロン 大旋風): A MIX attack with Softon. Bo-bobo oves back and forth to create a tornado that hits the opponent several times.
  • Ink Torpedo Nosehair (水墨魚雷鼻毛): A MIX attack with Torpedo Girl. Bo-bobo turns into a torpedo and attacks the opponent with two Torpedo Girls ghosts.


  • Original: Bo-bobo as he looked like at the start of the series. He wears a blue shirt and later gains an H necklace.
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Double Twin Mark II Second: A new version of Bo-bobo that appeared in the Z-Block arc.
  • Super Bo-bobo (スーバーボーボボ): After training in a grocery store, Bo-bobo is given a new jacket that increases his powers! He must be wearing it if he wants its power.
  • Bo-bobo Anger MAX ver. (ボーボボ怒りMAXVer.): During his fight with Rem, Bo-bobo reached the top of his anger and destroy Rem’s Dream World.
  • Ganeme (ガネメ): During his fight with Be-bebe, Bo-bobo accidentally unleashes a new power called “Ganeme”. While this word seems like gibberish, it is actually a modification of the Japanese word Megane (メガネ), which stands for Glasses, with the first kana moved to the end creating this new word. This term originally appeared during a match between Bo-bobo and Z-Block Vice-Leader Kibahage, where Bo-bobo uses it to further confuse his opponent. However, it returns with a force against Be-bebe, when the afro warrior uses the term while flipping his glasses over to unleash a furious glasses-filled final attack! However, anyone, even allies, remotely near this form are vulnerable to being infected or even taken over by the power of Ganeme!
  • Revived Bo-bobo: After being killed by Bi-bibi, Bo-bobo finds deceased Hajikelist Landmine Dandy, who helps him by giving him a Landmine Ball to replace his destroyed hairball. In this form, Bo-bobo wears an open collared shirt, no under-shirt, and becomes more powerful than when he was wearing his super jacket!
  • Shinsetsu Form: A form only seen in Shinsetsu. After yanking out two of his nosehairs, Bo-bobo ascends to a new powerful form, where he gains a black jacket, with black fingerless gloves, and wears a see-through visor over his sunglasses. He gained this form after training with Torpedo Girl. In this state, Bo-bobo mainly attacks with powerful punches, and is able to pluck out his nosehairs and throw them like a javelin.
  • Hajikelist forms: as a hajikelist, Bo-bobo is able to make himself look like anything he can think of. He uses these throughout the entire series, and almost no hajikelist form appears twice. These include but are NOT limited to: a cabbage, a sardine, a small figurine, a squid, and a small van with his head on the front.
  • Fusions: Throughout the series, Bo-bobo meets a powerful opponent that he cannot defeat by himself. In order to overcome these obstacles, Bo-bobo fuses with one or two of his partners (mainlyDon Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke, in order to become more powerful. These fusions include, but are not limited to: BoboPatch, Denbo, and Tenbobo.


Young Bo-bobo

As a kid Bo-bobo first learned of his ability to hear the voices of hair. At age 7, he had three friends; Hatenko, Tokoro Tennosuke, and Gunkan (Captain Battleship in the dub). His first mentor was Eboji, who taught him how every strand of hair was alive and doesn’t like being teased. His second mentor was Master Juice (a juice can), who taught him and Gunkan at the time. His family life wasn’t so good because Bi-bibi and Ba-baba constantly bullied him. The only two siblings that really cared for him were Be-bebe and Bu-bubu.

There are two versions of what happened to Bo-bobo during the fall of the Hair Kingdom. In the anime, Bo-bobo was taken hostage by the hair hunters when his father, a humanoid-like hairball named TUYOSHI (Pappy in dub), gave him up when the Hair Hunters came to their house (Shortly afterward, Eboji, Bo-bobo’s mentor, urged him to take on the Maruhage Empire). But in the manga, He and his father were launching escape pods, and they launched the last one with a hair hunter in it (Bo-bobo calls it his miracle escape)!

Bo-bobo and Gunkan both trained together in learning Hanage Shinken (Fist of Nose Hair) under Master Juice (A juice can). Gunkan worked much harder than Bo-bobo did, but Bo-bobo was awarded the title of the true master of the Fist of Nose Hair because of his heritage in the Hair Kingdom, something that Gunkan did not have. On the day of the end of the Hair Kingdom, Gunkan stated that he was glad that the Hair Kingdom ended due to his lack of acknowledgment. This made Bo-bobo angry and their friendship ended. Sometime between this point and the start of the series, Gunkan became one of the Maruhage Empire’s Four Heavenly Kings and directly opposed Bo-bobo in his quest to bring down the empire.

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Rebellion Against the Maruhage Empire

Bo-bobo’s first goal is to defeat the seven strongest blocks in the Maruhage Empire. He first starts with G-block and handles it’s leader, Hagen, with little difficulty. His first partner Beauty, a small girl living near that area, and a living Pickle slice ask to join his group shortly afterward. Bo-bobo accepts Beauty but rejects the pickle, saying that he does not like pickles. Bo-bobo becomes well known to the emperor of the Maruhage Empire, but seeing him as small threat, he sends a few assassins after Bo-bobo. He also learns from one of the assassins, that his friend Battleship has now joined the Big 4! Bo-bobo handles the assassins all the same, by confusing them into submission with his Hajike skills, and striking them down with his Fist of the Nosehair. While attending a hajike festival he meets the hajikelist expert: Don Patch (who appeared in the anime much earlier than in the manga), who was also a well known threat to the Empire. Though the two of them do not like each other at first, the two of them defeat Wig Block (also known as H-block), and, after Don Patch finishes Grade School, set off to conquer C-Block and A-Block.

During his fight in C-block Bo-bobo, meets Babylon warrior Softon, and teenage rebel Heppokomaru (Gasser in the dub). He also meets one of Gunkan’s henchmen Kaebo, and despite learning of his rivals evil choices, he chooses to carry on with his mission to destroy A-Block. He is in for a surprise though, when the theme park base turns out to be led by his childhood friend, Tokoro Tennosuke! After resorting to his first fusion with Don Patch, Tennosuke is defeated, and A-block falls.

Yet, victory does not last long, for Gunkan returns to challenge Bo-bobo. He then turns Beauty into a doll and tells Bo-bobo to meet him in Puupuu City if he wishes to see her again. Bo-bobo realizes he will need more help than just Don Patch and Gasser, so he recrutes Tennosuke and Softon onto his team, and heads out to defeat Gunkan.

Pomade Ring

Bo-bobo finds Puupuu city in ruins, and Gunkan has made his base on a gigantic floating vessel called Pomade Ring. He and his small team board the vessel, but Bo-bobo boards it first while completely alone. While on board, he meets Suzu who, despite being Gunkan’s second in command, is actually a nice girl. Once he and the rest of his team are back together, Gunkan makes them fight his elite, yet bizarre, minions. Only Bo-bobo actually manages to defeat his opponent, but luck comes in the form of Gunkan stupidly knocking his own fortress out of the sky! Once on the ground, Bo-bobo finds Beauty and turns her back to her old self. Softon informs Bo-bobo that Gunkan is a very powerful enemy and that Bo-bobo has a fatal weakness, that can only be mended by some last minute training in the World of Babylon. It is here that Bo-bobo finds his weakness: he does not have very many deadly attacks. Softon opens up the entrance to Babylon World (which is located in a port-o-potty), so that Bo-bobo can train.

When he comes back to the real world, he starts his fight with Gunkan. The angry foe is still upset that Bo-bobo was chosen over him as next master of fist of nosehair, yet Bo-bobo’s last move was the one that Gunkan could never master. Ashamed of himself, Gunkan reveals that he never wanted to help take over the world or to defeat Bo-bobo, he just wanted credit for all of his hard work. Crying now, Gunkan runs towards Bo-bobo, asking for forgiveness, but Bo-bobo strikes him down, saying that crying is not manly! He then leaves with Beauty, Don Patch and Heppokomaru.


Bo-bobo then proceeds to defeat every other organization of the Evil empire, all the while becoming a bigger threat to the Maruhage Empire’s well being. While on the road, Bo-bobo meets Hatenko, one of his childhood friends. Hatenko directs them to some of the other bases nearby, one of which is Z-block, a base that is secretly stronger than A-block! Inside he meets Dengakuman, a short, white creature who only desires to make friends. Bo-bobo, feeling some sympathy for him, makes a gameshow where Dengakuman can make friends, but it doesn’t work. After defeating Dengakuman, Bo-bobo tells him that he may come with them after he discovers what true friendship is.

Hajike Base

After the fall of Z-Block, Hatenko departs from the rebels for his own reasons. Shortly afterward, Bo-bobo sets his sights upon Hajike block. Inside, he not only meets up with Tennosuke, who has now joined the group permanently, but he finds teenage assassin Rice, who is also the King of Hajikelists! Rice originally wants to fight Don Patch, a former hajikelist king, but after the insane creature is defeated, Bo-bobo challenges him for the title. Rice’s hajike skills are impressive, but Bo-bobo’s hajike eventually wears him down and defeats him. The afro warrior is then rewarded with an “H” necklace, and the title of King of Hajikelists.

OVER’s Castle

Victory does not last very long. They are immediately attacked by an assassin who serves OVER, one of the four Heavenly Kings. the assassin reveals that both Rice and Hatenko are infected with a curse mark, which will eventually drain them of their lives! Bo-bobo immediately heads for OVER’s castle. Inside, the rebels fight their way through five of OVER’s deadliest assassins, and meet up with Dengakuman again. Once Bo-bobo reaches the top floor, he is shocked to find that Battleship has been scalped by OVER! Bo-bobo angrily challenges the tyrant to a fight, not fully aware of the murderous fiends true power. After making him angry six times, OVER transforms into Torpedo Girl, who is just as murderous AND hates hajikelists with a passion. It takes a trip to Bo-bobo World, and the power of all nine planets to turn the torpedo back into OVER.

Hallelujah Land (Holy Guacamole Land)

But this only creates another problem. The castle can’t take the enormous strain of power, and begins to collapse. Luckily, Suzu teleports the rebels, Gunkan, and even OVER out of the castle. She then informs Bo-bobo of Hallelujah Land, run by Halekulani, the last and strongest of the Heavenly Kings. Bo-bobo takes a train to the evil theme park, but once he arrives, he only wants to visit the rides! Being attacked by Halekulani’s henchmen, and Softon rejoining the rebels eventually convinces Bo-bobo to put an end to Halekulani’s reign! But the tyrant proves tougher than expected. He merely sits on his throne and attacks the rebels from a distance. Bo-bobo eventually forces him to fight seriously after dropping a gondola on his head! Halekulani tries to destroy them with his board game, but Bo-bobo counters it with his own board game knocking the tyrant senseless. But Halekulani isn’t done yet; he merely gets back up (now more crazier than ever) and attempts to crush the rebels with his sheer power! Bo-bobo eventually puts an end to Halekulani by showing him seven days of the week in a normal persons life.

Cyber City

After Halekulani’s downfall, Hallelujah Land is left without an owner. Bo-bobo, Tennosuke, and Don Patch try to take ownership, but leave the park in worse condition in a matter of minutes! Their fun comes to an end after they realize that Gasser has been kidnapped by one of the Six Electric Brain Warriors; six warriors that serve under Giga. Giga is not only the dictator of Cyber City, but he is also Tsurulina’s right hand man and his equal in power! Suzu teleports everyone to the docks (Cyber City is an island), and Bo-bobo and the gang take off. Suzu stays behind to bid them farewell. Their journey is stopped midway when Torpedo Girl returns for revenge. Luckily, she becomes infatuated with Softon, and instead decides to help them get to the city quicker! Upon arriving, the rebels fight off the Electric Brain Warriors one by one, until they reach Giga himself!

Giga reveals his sick intentions with Heppokomaru. He turns Heppokomaru into an abstract statue in order to satisfy his “artistic” nature. Bo-bobo and Torpedo Girl both drive Giga crazy and eventually defeat him despite his power,… or so it seems. Giga gets back up and transforms into a hideous new form that increases his power! Bo-bobo attacks Giga with other forms of art, but this doesn’t even begin to wear down the mad tyrant! Bo-bobo is eventually left with no other choices, but to break his “Nosehair Seal”. This gives Bo-bobo incredible power, but every time he uses a limb, it gets broken! Bo-bobo finally ends the fight by jumping into the sky and attacking Giga with the Sun, bringing the downfall of Cyber City once and for all!

Return of the Third Era

Bo-bobo and the gang set off to rest for a while, but are attacked by Maruhage soldiers. These soldiers, however, were from the third era of the Maruhage empire, over 100 years ago! After beating them, Bo-bobo realizes that his team will need more training if the want to defeat these new opponents, so he takes them to a shopping mall called Eternal that apparently serves as any warriors ideal training grounds! It is here that Bo-bobo discovers a new power. By training in a grocery store, he is given a new jacket, that powers him up into “Super Bo-bobo”. The team sets out for the third era’s fortress which is another theme park… built over Tennosuke’s old A-Block. The rebels fight their way through the toughest generals that the hundred-year-old army has to offer, and finally find the old leader Tsuru Tsurulina III! This ancient dictator nearly conquered the world, save for two kingdoms, one of them being the Hair Kingdom! He could not stand up to the power of the “Hair Ball” a powerful part of the Hair Kingdom citizens that gave them all unnatural strength! Once he learns that Bo-bobo is a descendant of those people, he tries to steal Bo-bobo’s Hair Ball! Things only get worse when Torpedo Girl turns back into OVER, who not only wants to destroy the emperor, but Bo-bobo as well! Bo-bobo somehow evades both of their attacks, and eventually annoys the mad leader so much, that Tsuru Tsurulina III tries to eat Bo-bobo (who takes Don Patch with him because he doesn’t want to go alone)! He succeeds and gains enormous power, but at the cost of having a weird looking form! The emperor ignores his strange appearance, and continues on with his plan: the destruction of humanity! He never gets to though, as Bo-bobo and Don Patch eventually force their way out of his stomach! The duo (and Tennosuke) defeat Tsurulina III with a slide show of an “average” human’s journey through life!

The Reverse Maruhage Empire

Bo-bobo finally decides to destroy the evil Tsuru Tsurulina IV once and for all! But on the way there, he is ambushed by one of the participants of the New Emperor Playoffs! Bo-bobo beats him easily, and decides to enter the playoffs himself. He isn’t interested in becoming emperor, but this would be a great opportunity to defeat ALL of the empires forces and end the Maruhage Empire once and for all! Though he defeats most of the competition, he learns of a new enemy called the Reverse Maruhage Empire, yet his first priority is to win the tournament. He comes very close to winning the tournament, but the Reverse Empire leaderHydrate dethrones Czar IV before Bo-bobo can! Seeing them as an evil threat like the first empire he vows to defeat them! Bo-bobo and the gang battle their way through the empire, but when Bo-bobo reaches the second-to-last floor, he comes face to face with Bebebe-be Be-bebe, one of his older and powerful brothers! Though Be-bebe was one of Bo-bobo’s nicer siblings, he is still loyal to the empire, and tries to defeat Bo-bobo regardless of their past! Bo-bobo defeats him though, by turning his sunglasses upside down, and unleashing a new power! After the fall of his brother, Bo-bobo and Don Patch team up to defeat Hydrate. Bo-bobo unleashes the full power of his jacket and Don Patch ascends to Ikarin Patch. With their power put together, Hydrate is outmatched,… but the two argue about who will defeat Hydrate! Although Don Patch wins by winning in a bonsai cutting contest, he winds up merely holding Hydrate off, while Bo-bobo partakes in some last minute “training”. When his training is finished, Bo-bobo gains a powerful new move, and defeats Hydrate with one punch!

Return to the Hair Kingdom

A short while after the empire is defeated, Hatenko convinces Bo-bobo to defeat another of his older brothers, Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi, who has rebuilt the Hair Kingdom. Once inside, Bo-bobo sees how awfully his brother treats the civilians and how cruel his district leaders are. He makes it mission to put an end to his brother. Along the way, he meets his older sister, Bububu-bu Bu-bubu and finds that Be-bebe has followed him to the hair kingdom. They join his party and take down every district general they can find. Once facing Bi-bibi, Bo-bobo reveals that he had always intended to come back and fight Bi-bibi, as it was he who betrayed the Hair Kingdom, and instructed the Maruhage Empire to attack, all because Bo-bobo was next in line for Hair King! Bi-bibi proves to be the most cruel and difficult adversary Bo-bobo has ever had, as Bi-bibi kills their sister Bu-bubu, and kills Bo-bobo too! While dead, Bo-bobo meets Landmine Dandy (Torpedo Girl’s father), and he revives Bo-bobo by giving him a “Landmine Ball” to replace his Hair Ball. With his new and improved power, Bo-bobo thrashes Bi-bibi around and almost kills him with his crazy techniques, but he decides to let him live in the end (It turns out that Bi-bibi has two children, and while he is evil, he is a good father to them). Bo-bobo spares his brother and leaves. His siblings somehow revive themselves after Bo-bobo wins the fight.

After throwing a huge party in celebration of his battles, Bo-bobo learns that Tsurulina III survived their encounter. Not only that, but he killed Bi-bibi and stole his hair ball shortly after Bo-bobo beat him! Bo-bobo leaves to go train for an entire year, setting the stage for Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.


Despite his eccentricities, he has a large group of friends that he cares for very deeply. Having grown up with Tokoro Tennusuke, Gunkun and Hatenko, they all know each other pretty well though this not often touched upon besides Bobobo and Hatenko. Bobobo often retains his serious nature with Hatenko. Despite thier past, Bobobo has admitted to Gunkun that he is his best friend. He also kept his word to Tokoro to help set him straight if he went down the wrong road.

The first friend that we see of Bobobo on-screen is Beauty. Beauty appears to be the one person Bobobo cannot let stand be injured and has stated that he will “destory anyone who hurts Beauty.” He cares deeply about her. In return, Beauty idolized Bobobo and sees him as a grea hero despite his massive weirdness and him getting on her nerves, Bobobo also has a similair relationship with Heppokomaru as Bobobo acted as somewhat of a mentor to and was very angry when Giga turned him into a statue. This is similair with Suzu as he was enraged when Halekulani turned her into a coin. She also respects his power and is on friendly terms with him for avenging Gunkan.

Bobobo has a powerful and close bond with Don Patch despite Bobobo often using Don Patch as a weapon or shield. This may a Hajike matter though. This is often shared with Tokoro Tennusuke. The two seem to form a strange duo because of their personality. Bobobo has this to a lesser extent with Tennusuke though he still cares for both of them. He often uses Dengakuman as a projectile though Bobobo views him as a friend for havign taught Dengakuman the power of friendship. Bobobo has a more serious and stable friendship with Softon with both carign for beauty.

Regaridng family, he was close to Bebebe and Bububu, his older brother and sister while the three of them lived in fear from Bababa and Bibibi, the two oldest brothers. They all use a Super Fist based on hair. Bobobo evntually challenged Bebebe when he encoutnered hom during the Reverse Maruhage Empire arc and then later Bibibi in the Hair Kingdom Arc. Bobobo’s relationship with his nieces, Vita and Min is unknown he cares about them enough to spare Bibibi (as despite Bibibi’s cruetly toward his kingdom and siblings, he is a good father.)


  • As a kid, Bobobo’s hair considered him to be a freak.
  • Bo-bobo directs small “micro-movies” in his own movie theater “Bo-bobo Gekijou” (Bo-BoBo Theater, but also called other names in the dub). These movies hardly ever related to the events at hand, and the audience consisted of nothing but animals
  • His “worst nightmare” is playing basketball with kangaroos.
  • His soul is in the shape of bread.
  • He apparently has some control over an army of stuffed teddy bears which are seen in many of the earlier episodes.
  • There is an apparently large colony of tiny humans and humanoid boogers living in his nose. They sometimes aid him in battle.
  • He is a playable character in Jump Superstars and Jump Ultimate Stars.
  • In Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Bo-bobo wears a red shirt.
  • For some reason, Bo-bobo actually believes that Don Patch is the main character.
  • Coincidentally, Bobo in Spanish means ‘stupid’.
  • At some point, Bo-bobo met a hair hunter named Tomohiro, and the two became friends.
  • In chapter 104 of the manga, Yugi Mutou from the manga “Yu-Gi-Oh!” makes an appearance where he comes out of Bo-bobo’s afro and summons the Egyptian god Saint Dragon – God of Osiris
  • His skeleton has been seen as a Tyrannosaurus skeleton (After Captain Battleships Rooty-Tooty Snot-Fo-Yu: Welcome to Bony Island.) and a fish bone (After Wild Wisters “Planting Seeds” attack caused man eating flower to grow out of Bo-bobo’s jacket.)


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