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Autumn in Taiwan 2019: Best time to visit & where to go

Autumn’s a wonderful time to visit Taiwan – not just for the cool sweater weather but also for the autumn foliage spectacle that unfolds in various parts of the country. The cherry blossoms in spring may take all the spotlight these days but truly, the autumn leaves in Taiwan are worth the flight. On top of that, the peak of autumn in Taiwan is in September and November, which falls between the crowded mid-year and year-end school holiday seasons.

With fewer crowds, fantastic weather and spectacular sights, you already have three good reasons to say “yes!” to an autumn vacation in Taiwan. What are you waiting for? Read on to find out the autumn leaves prediction for Taiwan in 2019, best places to visit for autumn in Taiwan and a guide on what to wear during autumn in Taiwan.

When is the best time to see autumn leaves in Taiwan: Autumn foliage prediction 2019

It’s possible to view autumn leaves in Taiwan starting from mid-October all the way to late December. Though the patterns are not consistent, the hues of autumn largely start to appear beginning from the northern areas of Taiwan. It shows up in Taipei in mid-October, moving down to reveal its colours in Taoyuan and Taichung in November, and then peaking in Hualian, Chiayi and Tainan in December.

In order to secure the cheapest flights to Taiwan for the autumn scenery, scour through this list of autumn travel deals. You can book your flights in advance or perhaps set up a price alert to be notified on changes in flight prices.

Do take note that the time period indicated is a prediction and the actual autumn foliage dates may differ, depending on the weather patterns. We will continue to update this page with the latest prediction if any.

Where are the best places to see autumn leaves in Taiwan

1) Hualien

When to go: Mid December
How to get to Hualien: Fly from Singapore to Taipei and rent a car for a nice scenic drive to Hualien. You can also opt to take a domestic flight to Hualien airport.

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Tucked on the east coast of Taiwan, Hualien Country is known for its rugged scenery that is dominated by mountains and gorges. Base yourself in Hualien City where you can catch your first glimpses of autumn colours in the city’s parks. To experience best of autumn in Taiwan, however, take a trip 20 kilometres out of the city to Yun Shan Shuei Ecological Farm in Shoufeng. Follow the walking trail and be mesmerised by emerald-coloured lakes basking in a tranquil atmosphere.

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Another 30 minutes down the road is Danongdafu Forest Park which is dotted with colourful maple trees. Here, you can pedal your way through the 13-kilometre forest bikeway – the longest in the country – under a canopy of red, yellow and orange leaves.

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2) New Taipei City

When to go: Mid December
How to get to New Taipei City: Fly from Singapore to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport where there are buses that go to Tucheng, Banqiao and Xindian.

New Taipei City is essentially the municipality that surrounds the city of Taipei in northern Taiwan. If the duration of your vacation permits, it’s certainly worth your time to leave the capital and explore New Taipei City.

Combine your viewing of autumn in Taiwan with some history and culture at the century-old Gong Bei Temple which has Japanese and Chinese influences in its architecture. In autumn, the walking paths around this Buddhist temple are sprinkled with fallen maple leaves. Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation is another fantastic autumn spot where you can walk amid massive cedar trees and soak up breathtaking views at scenic pavilions and waterfalls.

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3) Taipei

When to go: Mid October to end November
How to get to Taipei: Fly from Singapore to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and take the Taoyuan Airport MRT to Taipei Main Station

Easily accessible from downtown Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park is an oasis of nature that feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. In autumn, this national park transforms into a wonderland of coloured leaves. There are many areas to explore, and some of the popular ones include Qingtiangang for city views, Lengshuikeng for hot springs, and Xiaoyoukeng for sulphur deposits. For viewing the autumn leaves in Taipei from high above, take the Maokong Gondola which connects Taipei Zoo and Maokong. Opt for the crystal cabins with glass flooring for an unforgettable ride!

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4) Taoyuan

When to go: November to December
How to get to Taoyuan: Fly from Singapore to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

While many travellers find themselves in Taoyuan as it’s home to the international airport serving Taipei, few take the chance to explore this district. Do so in autumn and you’ll be rewarded with fantastic autumn in Taiwan experience. Time your visit to Bade Bald Cypress Forest when the leaves of the bald cypress turn to orange and red, or hop on a cruise in Shimen Reservoir to catch sight of golden maple leaves. Deeper in the wilderness, Lala Mountain Nature Reserve is where you can wake up to crisp mountain air and spend your days along scenic walking trails, listening to the birdsong and marvelling at ancient giant trees.

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5) Taichung

When to go: November to December
How to get to Taichung: Fly from Singapore to Taipei and rent a car for a nice scenic drive to Taichung. You can also opt to take a domestic flight to Taichung International Airport.

To the west of central Taiwan sits Taichung, an up-and-coming city with what you’d expect in Taiwan (like night markets and countless bubble tea shops), as well as green spaces, wetlands, the famous Sun Moon Lake and a vibrant Rainbow Village. For the best autumn scenery, however, head to the picturesque Wuling Farm. This area is a paradise for hiking, camping, bird watching, and of course, viewing the changing autumn colours. Magnificent nature and maple leaves are also in abundance at Fushoushan Farm in Lishan Village. Nestled amid mountain ranges, you can view autumn in its full glory as you munch on fresh fruits and sip tea near its source.

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6) Chiayi

When to go: December
How to get to Chiayi: Fly from Singapore to Kaohsiung, rent a car and drive to Chiayi. You can also opt to take a domestic flight to Chiayi Airport.

In southern Taiwan, Chiayi is perhaps best known as the hop-off point to the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. This mountainous region spanning 1,400 hectares is no stranger to tourists – its natural beauty contributes to it being one of Taiwan’s most-visited attractions. In spring, as cherry blossoms take centre stage, the number of visitors explodes to the extent that there’s a cap of 16,000 visitors per day. The crowds are more muted in autumn, even though Alishan’s beauty is still comparable. Wake up early to catch the world-class Alishan sunrise over a sea of fluffy clouds.

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7) Tainan

When to go: Late November to Mid December
How to get to Tainan: Fly from Singapore to Kaohsiung, rent a car and drive to Tainan. You can also opt to take a domestic flight to Tainan.

On Taiwan’s southwest coast is Tainan, the country’s oldest city and once the capital under the Qing dynasty. With historic buildings and temples, a trip to Tainan is a treat for history lovers. As Tainan has relatively warm weather compared to the rest of the country, the sight of autumn foliage is not common within the city. However, an hour away at a higher elevation, Hongye Park awaits with a romantic landscape drizzled with hues of yellow and red for your autumn in Taiwan experience. Don’t forget to have a soak at the nearby Guanziling Hot Spring to complete your visit.

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What to wear during autumn in Taiwan

The clothes to bring along for a trip to Taiwan in autumn largely depends on where you go and the exact time of the year. In general, however, the temperatures in Taiwan range between 18 to 26 degrees Celsius in November.

With this kind of weather, you can certainly be comfortable with a t-shirt and jeans or a summer dress during the daytime when the sun is out. You’ll want to bring along a hoodie, sweater or a trench coat for the colder nights. It’s also good to pack a light down jacket in case you’re visiting colder regions up in the mountains, or if the weather takes a dip. Do check the weather forecast for your destination in advance and dress appropriately.


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Ready for your trip to Taiwan? If you’re ambitious or have the privilege of a long vacation, combine your visit with even more autumn foliage viewing in Korea or Japan!

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